The Lady Boys of Siem Reap

Lady Boys of Siem Reap

I spent my birthday in a park in Siem Reap, dodging street lights and park benches as Ying stalked lady-boys with her 80 mm lens. We, the not quiet inconspicuous barangs (read firangis) hid behind trees, leaned against ballestrade and pretended to be lovers while Ying used my shoulders like a tripod. The pretentions and the espionage rubbed away as Ying used her charm and I flirted. We made friends, I guess.

Here are the pictures.


Lady Boys of Siem Reap

Lady Boys of Siem Reap

Lady Boys of Siem Reap

For more pictures look at Ying's fabulous series.

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H. Cardoso said...

Superb pictures, Akshay! It was worth all the sneaking and flirting.

Rhythmn said...

love your pictures.. :)

vineeta said...

Brilliant work Akhsay. I especially LOVED the 2nd image. Boy you DO lead an exciting life :)
And after this I'm headed straight to Ying's pictures.

Chethana said...

I checked out Ying's blog too. I have been following your blogs much, must say, am jealous of your life.

Banno said...

Loved the first image.