Fire Run.

Bangalore Fire

In a little break from the Indo-china dispatches - I thought I'd share some pictures I shot a few months in Bangalore. Not many words just pictures :)


Bangalore Fire


Bangalore Fire


Bangalore Fire


Bangalore Fire


Bangalore Fire


Bangalore Fire

If you want to see more pictures - here is the full set.

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Mridul Narayanan said...

I salute these brave men. The last pic (with the fireman with blackened hand)speaks volume....

If this happened in the west, I'm sure they would've been a celebrity by now.

A thankless job they got here...

SloganMurugan said...


Shimmering Mercury said...

Amazing pictures, especially the last one. We just don't value these bravehearts enough in our country, do we?

I've been a longtime occasional lurker on your blog btw...and only recently became aware that the guy I married over a year back has known you for decades!:)

India Unlimited said...

I mean, our firemen have no real training with dealing a major fire.Their uniforms are outdated, they have no safety gear and look at one of those firemen-using a handkerchief as a smoke mask?
where is all our tax money going?
Why can't we update and modernize our police and firemen force?
Seriously, they need some protective gear, they need more training.This is just not done.