Teesra Update - Saira Goes to Kathmandu

Death Comes by Full Moon

Here is a tiny snippet coaxing you folks to go over to go over to our Rickshaw Run blog - Teesra.org - and take a look at the wide selection of posts, mostly Shez and Neha have been posting. Now that we're back I promise the frequency of the posts will be regular and crisp - Photographs, words, video and audio as promised.

Here is a snippet from a post I wrote - Saira [our beloved auto-rickshaw] goes to Kathmandu

Tanks full, jerry cans filled we continued our descent into the Nepalli capital, to Thamel to what our guidebook described as “the intersection of Hippiedom and Hinduism, where Haight-Ashbury meets the Himalayas.

We spent the next day in Kathmandu exploring the old city, Saira resting in the hotel parking lot – catching a cherished glimpse of the Kumari, or living goddess, a prepubescent girl who was consigned to the upper-floor temple room where she was served as a flesh and blood incarnation of divinity. The pack roamed Durbar square; Neha in her curiousness quizzing our tour guide, Shez playing with smiling children and hatching silent dreams of opening orphanages in the Nepalli country side and me in the corner following them both sheepishly taking pictures of course.

You could also read about my packing habits as jest fully described by neha. Also show some love and leave a comment will you.

As for now I'm heading East bound to Cambodia - this time for real - not like last time when I fell sick at the opportune moment.

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Anita said...

Wonderful. Good to know you're all back and will be telling us more about the trip.

The Teesra site seems to have its 'CPU limit maxed', so was not able to leave a comment there...

Deepika Patil said...

Great to have you all back!!

Reading thru' your 'escapades with Saira' was like living a dream!!

Shaizia said...

allo mister...looks like you really got back into the swing of things...I am insanely jealous of you right now.
I made a two bit contribution to teesra...so go read when your not having such a good time. ;)