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By now I’m sure you bunch have grown pretty tired of my incessant rickshaw ranting. Sadly this will do nothing to dull our words, our pictures and audio – and we have been working hard in the sidelines to find a home for are adventures. Therefore, it gives us much happiness to announce the launch of Teesra.org . A blog that chronicles all our rickshaw escapades, which Megha (she is such a sweetheart) happily volunteered to design for us and what a beautiful job she has done.

Yes so ahead give Teesra a spin, grab a feed and be dazzled by our collective greatness.

Pictures on Flickr as always

Rickshaw Run tracked by Mobiance

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The Buddha Smiled said...

Have been following your rickshaw adventures over the past few days, and think its a fantastic idea. Living in London, I always have to smile when I see the cycle rickshaws that have taken over the West End as that perfect mode of transportation over short distances. I somehow can't help thinking about the rickshaws from Varanasi - those high, deep seats, swaying back and forth. The English ones are so sturdy and not half as much fun!

Keep writing, and keep putting up photographs.


Anonymous said...

Dear Akshay,

I am back in India after a long stint at Eindhoven.I am amazed at your energy,enthusiasm and zest for life.Its good to know you have Shez and Neha for company as well.Wow !!! I read/saw the last Rickventure on Discovery when the firangs ran our rickys all the way across India.Gives me a silent thrill that you guys are doing the same.Is there some way to give you some gud old fashion Cheers...I am willing to move my ass and wallet for that...lemme know. Chandu , back finally to Mumbai.

Do write man.I am a longtime fan.

Kaushal said...

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