Roadside Romeo

Meena Kadri (a.k.a Meanest Indian) a flickr contact of mine in collaboration with Ahmedabad sign painter Yasin Chhipa is holding a flickr exhibhition on the peculiarities of English in India.

In her words

‘Visitors to India are often surprised at the amount of English one encounters – in the street, peppered through Bollywood films and even in remote locales. Here, I used the colourful sign-writing tradition of India to capture the flavour of this localisation of the global spread of English.’

So "do the needful" and "have a dekho".

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savante said...

Should be quite an amusing exhibit :)

Anonymous said...

Cool stuff here! I've already told you how much I admire that photo of the Horah Bridge, but the rest isn't inferior.



Anonymous said...

Well, as you must have noticed, I misplaced my comment. It was meant for the post above... shameful.