Jaundiced Eyes

"All seems infected that the infected spy, As all looks yellow to the jaundiced eye"~ Alexander Pope


I should have been enjoying a chat, a beer and a bite to celebrate my 21st birthday, at the Red PianoRestaurant on 'Bar Street' in Asia's newest tourist haven in Siem Reap, Cambodia….instead I find myself in a nursing home, somewhere in Khar, Mumbai, with a needle sticking out of my metacarpal vein on my right hand, feeding me a mix of dextrose, saline and a yellow colured Bcomplex fluids.

Don't worry it is not all that serious….. The doctors think it is Jaundice….Hepatitis A to be more precise - most probably caused by arather stale and cold idli-sambhar I consumed 2 weeks ago, in a roadside restaurant outside Mumbai international airport. Factoring all these things I don't foresee seeing much sunlight in thecoming months. At least the Cathay Pacific doesn't penalize passengers for rescheduling their flights, bless them. Nurse, please up the Hydrocodone in my IV fluids please.


All pictures from my K70i

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Anonymous said...

dude, call me or Rohit!
Happy Birthday!

Anonymous said...

holy c#%p! take care dude n wish you a great year anyways...

wtf you doing blogging? get some rest once in a while!

am back in Mumbai and hope to catch up with u sometime once the pink favours your skin over the yellows. :)

(Captchadude makes me say "usdphts")

Natasha said...

get well soon akshay - happy 21st you young whippersnapper. Its all downhill from here don't you know! Chin up and get clicking

babasko said...

Oh my. Get well fast.

Still, happy happy birthday in spite of all.

hanna said...

ouch! nurse, give the man some more of that hydrocodone!

i hope you're a bit less yellow already.

Clarence Fisher said...

Take care and let us all know when you get to see the sun again!

Amal (aka prem) said...

nice to see you still blogging dude. happy Birthday... (belated)...I left blogging for quite some time...was in LOVE ;) u know how people become dumb in Love...it's nice to see u kept rolling. Nice pics

Christine said...

Poor you, get well soon!!!

Anonymous said...

You're only 21?! Damn!

Delurking to tell you:
a. That I hope you get well soon,
b. That I *love* your work, and
c. That I hope you have a great year 21st year :)

Anonymous said...

I'll print that Tshirt for you.
Where should I send it?

Get well soon Akshay. :)


vinu said...

get well soon dude! Happy Birthday - catch up with some cool books :D and yeah - do mobile blog :D Take care +Vinu

Ash said...

Happy birthday :)

Hope you feel better soon, Akshay.

Mridula said...

Happy Birthday.

And get well soon Akshay.

shorms said...

happy 21.
stopped to say your blog is fabulous. and you are just 21! damn. anyway amazing pix, and i live in bandra, so everytime i see these pix i'm like wow, how come i dont catch it like this.
and yes, get well soon!

Jo said...

Belated B'day wishes.

How are you now?

KJ said...

belated b'day wishes

hope u feeling better now?


Viewer said...

Get well soon buddy !

Melody said...

Heeeyy - sorry only saw this just now - trust you're doing all good now? Will say a prayer for you.

And from all the comments, I guess belated wishes are in order. Have a blessed year ahead!

Melody said...

Damn, went back & read the post - am making too many faux pas these days. Am going to go back to my room & lock myself now.

Kim said...

Belated happy budday.
Come to Cairo & Celebrate.

But guess u will have to stay off alcohol for a year at least. Please don't even attempt an alcoholic drink for a year, the repercussions are life ending. The liver cant take the stress.

Come to Cairo & celebrate with the camera. Acco at our place. open invite to u as long as we are in this country.

Shivam said...