Mumbai Meetup, January 31st

In conjunction with Scott Rafer, WINKsite , Metroblogging and Bloggers everywhere, I’m announcing a meetup on Tuesday, 31st of January at 6 p.m. at the Carter Road - Cafe Coffee Day (Bandra West). So if you live/work in or around Mumbai or you intend to be in Mumbai on the 31st please do drop by.

Here is the full address.

Shop No. 14/15,
Gagangiri Premises Building,
Ground Floor,
Carter Road

If you have any questions, or would like to confirm your attendance, leave us a comment or fire off an email to akshaym [at] gmail[dot] com. Also, feel free to get in touch with me at 9833230562, as long as you're not trying to sell me something that is.

For directions use the Mumbai Navigator stating caterroad(pali) as your desitination

I realize that I donot have the readership nor the reach to pull this off alone so people please do spread the word.

UPDATE 1 : Many thanks to Charu, Sakshi, Saket, Dina & Desipundit for spreading the word.

UPDATE 2: The Blog meet could be best described as a success, about 20 people turned up (Evenstar has the complete list) & we all shared allot loud pleasant conversation over coffee, donuts and vanilla ice-cream. Melody has a complete round-up on her blog.
Scott has one on his blog too.

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Selma Mirza said...

weeeee. metroblogging meet already? :-)

I will be metroblogging soon too. I could not comment on your metblog articles because I am a blogspot user :-( But Sean said my metblogs account is soon being created!

I blog anonymously, so it wouldn't be quite right for me to show up for the meet, hmm? I'll think about it and put up a post on my blog about this meet.

Charu said...

will definitely post this on my blog too... also maybe you can email desipundit requesting them to put this up?

Subhan said...

I am originally from Bombay but currently a Dubai Resident.

Am visiting Bombay around Jan-end and you can count me on this.


OORANOS said...

Have a good time

Jinal Shah said...

Thanks for the invitation Akshay. No trip to India until early winter this year -- hopefully there will a bloggers meet in winter.


Hey Akshay, u got some great pictures and writing despite the typos! Umm... what is metroblogging about? And will there be a similar meeting in Delhi?

Vulturo said...

I'll put this up on DesiPundit

Amit Kulkarni said...

I posted a few weeks ago when Shivam did a call out for Delhi. Looking forward to the meet..

Sakshi said...

Me coming too.

Vulturo said...

Linked here and here. I'd love to be there myself, and I most probably will, unless something unavoidable/unforeseen crops up.

Dina Mehta said...

great ... i'll be there.

vinu said...

akshay! put a post in the bombay pics flickr group too! well, thats photo bloggin also in it right? glad you have announced it. nice way to start the year.

It would be better if you can make it 7pm? 6pm too early to leave office :D

Sol said...

I hope you have a good time.. it sounds like fun!

Naina said...


First - who knew Blogger could look so stuning! Fantastic job!

Second, I've taken the liberty to post the event as "Mumbai blogging meet" on ; ;; ping-o-matic and Technorati.

It is injustice if bloggers do not get to hear of this! :)
Although my blog does not have many Indian readers, I will post a link there too [ I have three main blogs with separate readerships - not on Blogger but on Wordpress ].

Now I'm wondering, how will Cafe Coffee Day handle the pressure? :D

Third, good photography!

Fourth, I had no idea there was a Mumbai Navigator - thanks for sharing.

See you on the 31st!
Take care,

Melody said...

Hey Akshay, this is great :)

Wanted to organise a meet-up for Mumbai bloggers myself, but glad to see someone's taken the initiative.

Will def. post about it on my blog too.

Am also confirming my attendance (unless unforseen work delays me).

andy said...

hey lovely!!! :) but yaar 31st is a little too soon for me... ill let some of the guys and girls i know....

me n amit were considering organising one sometime in feb too.. but maybe we might come for this one..:)
will save us the trouble of working timings n stuff out.. thanks dude.. :)

a said...

oye yaar.. 31st is a weekday, wouldnt it be difficult for most of our working public to turn up that day?

mandar talvekar said...

would have liked to be there but it's a tuesday and getting away from work that early is difficult.
can't the meeting be held on a weekend?

Akshay said...

I know it would be difficult for some of you guys turn up so early - you could just turn up late. It's not an issue.

I can't really change the date because, Scott decided the date and he's here in Mumbai only for a short time.

Looking forward to seeing you guys.

Selma Mirza said...

yaay for Mumbai bloggers!


Anonymous said...
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