Makar Sankranti Round-Up

Diamond Shaped Kites.

Yesterday was Makar Sankranti; I can confirm this by the fact the trees in the neigbhourhood are flowering kites intead of their usual crop of leaves. In Bombay the festival is a passing interest but in Ahmedabad it's absolute war or as this french blogger call it Veillée d'armes à Ahmedabad !

Rishi in Ahmedabad also walks us through the proceedings [with some picture] in his post 'fight in the sky'.

"Birds and clouds cleared the way, leaving a perfect bluescreen for the confetti explosion above. Kites of all colors dotted the sky, hundreds of them, circling and dashing round one another in the annual friendly fight called Uttarayan"
[read more]

How could I miss partaking in festivities such as this, so I headed to the Kite Flying Festival at Shivaji Park. Times of India were the organisers of the festival. The only jarring note was the unecessarily loud DJ, who was a bit over the top....But it was fun all the same.

[An attempt by some Kite enthusiast from Bhopal to fly 100 kites at the same times. I don't know whether it was a record of sorts but it was cool all the same and very popular with the photographers. ]

[Everybody loves the Times of India]

[After a busy day of Kite Flying, a man enjoys dusk at Dadar Beach]

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Sid said...

Dude, great pics!!! Btw Happy Sankrant. I may be coming to Mumbai with Rohit next weekend, lets see if we can do something fun :)

Mridula said...

Happy Sankranti Akshay. Whenever I tried flying a kite, I cut my fingers! Lovely, lovely pictures.

Charu said...

loved the pic of the man with the kite(saw it first on flickr)
and hey, were you there at Shivaji park for the kite festival yesterday? I kept looking for you there :))) I have a post on it on my blog - check it out...

Akshay said...

charu - Yeah, I was there one the many guys with cameras running around. Eventhough I was there only for a good 20 minutes it was fun.
You took some great pictures BTW -especially like the picture of those cricketers at practice.

Aditya said...

almost an insult by calling it dadar beach instead of dadar chowpatty :) !!

haved you moved from pune to mumbai?

Aditya said...

i visited your blog after a long time, and i must say i thoroughly enjoyed it.

esp this post (coming from someone who has lived in the SP area fro more than 20 years - the pics were great!!) - have posted links to a few more pics at charu's blog

Rishi said...

akshay, great blog, and great pics of the kite festival! thanks for linking my entry as well. your writing style is very impressive, it's no wonder you have so many readers.