Shaving Rituals

I'm going to scale new narcissistic highs with this post. On any normal day you can find me going in for a bath and this mundane cleaning process is usually followed by the more mundane processes of combing, de-odorising, shaving etc. Which on most day I'm too lazy to follow through. Today being no different I popped into the bathroom with the usual equipment towel, clothes etc. If you’re waiting outside in my room, which I’m sure weren‘t, you would have with some difficulty be able make out some of the activity happening inside of my bathroom through the small rectangular translucent glass panel on the top half of my door frame. But then again all you would have seen is a pale yellow light creeping out slowly through the thick green of glass, large shadows and may be some condensed droplets of water.

Not five minutes later you would find me with my hair combed wet, standing there barefoot at the washbasin, wearing a pair of my favourite light-grey sharkskin trousers and a towel complacently flung around my bare neck like a duppatta. I know set into motion my pre-shaving rituals. I looked at my large canister of shaving foam and it said Gillette - Foamy Lemon-Lime-Citroen-Lime. Then I looked at my razorwhich was also made Gillette, a Mach3, which the ad tells me is the best a man can get.
I look at my razor at it’s thin elegantly designed webbed handle and it’s detachable head with it’s 3 angular super alloy blades. Those this look like a billion dollar a year product that is used by 70 million men. No, but it is.

The marketing machine, Gillette must be doing something right.
Cheap razors, expensive blades - yes the Razorblade Model .

If you've ever purchased razors and their replacement blades, you know this business method well. The razors are practically free, but the replacement blades are extremely expensive.

The video-game industry is another user of this pricing strategy. They sell the game consoles at a relatively low price, recouping the lost profits on the high-priced games.

How can you get people to pay more to shave?

Time magazine's article, A Cutthroat Business has something to say about this -

That's the eternal question in the $6-billion razor business. Hair grows at the same rate year in and year out, and there are few activities more banal than shaving. But the Big Three razormakers — America's Gillette and Schick and France's Bic — have all come up with a cheeky answer; the very same cheeky answer. And so, after years of relatively peaceful coexistence, competition among them is about to bec
Cheeky Answers could mean new shiny products that, look differrent, cost a little, cost a little more less,more blades, better blades, closer blades, need batteries, have fancy chips in them etc.

Yes before I forget Gillette has a new razor out, It's called fusion [not as catchy as Mach3] it features 5 blades [impressive one more than competitor Schick's model] not only that it also has a facial trimmer. Also he blades are 30% closer together, which the company says causes less irritation.

I think I want one of those.

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Geetanjali said...

Hehehe - this went 'narcissistic' to 'typical Akshay informative' post ;-)

Btw I thought men shaved before they bathed? So they wash off the cream etc while bathing???

Anonymous said...

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