By The Sea

The rain relented for a few hours and since I had nothing more constructive to do, I went for a walk. My camera for company of course. Here is what I saw.

Lounging by the Sea
A man on a bench, out for a while sitting there watching the world go by. A nice smile for the camera.

An Arabian Sea Vantage
Low tide, a bright orange fishings stands there docked waiting for her element move in and let her float.

Teracota in Salt
Somethings stand out more than others.

This was very exciting, because I have always wanted to be on a fishing boat but have never got the oppurtunity before. There were allot of things inside, fishing nets, hooks, lines, ropes and even a pair of old rusted anchors. The camera gives you an excuses to looks at things more closely then you normally would.

Riding the Waves 2
Nothing like some boyish fun is there ?
He sits there bracing himself for next cold onslaught of wave, water and sea.

Getting you feet wet
Getting you feet wet.

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. : A : . said...

Excellent post Akshay. I really enjoyed the whole set.

Satya said...

just love your blog man
lovely pics...
in 10 days ill be living in bandra too :D