Pune Photo Diary.

Pune Photo Diary.

Pune - India
[taking at Shaniwar Wada, Pune]

Photo/Pictures are regular features on this blog and have been for some time.
Here my most recent addition to my Photo diaries, the Pune Dairy. All pictures were taken in and around Pune during the last month.

Shaniwar Wada(fort)
[Shaniwar Wada front]{note - the first picture was taken from the top balcony}

[Taking in some of the sights.]

Shaniwar Wada served as a palace but nothing remains of this palace as it was gutted in a fire.

Off J.M[Jungle Maharaj] road lies, Pune oldest living heritage,The Cave Temples of Pataleshwar.

[Pataleshwar Temples- Carved out of one big rock]

Orange Doorways
[Orange Doorways - still Pataleshwar]

Indian Summer
[siesta time !]


After walking around you sure feel hungry. Lucky's Biriyani to the rescue. Lucky's and Cafe Goodluck are among deccan food establishmnet. Long live irani restaurants eh?

Biriyani - India. Chicken Rissoto
[Chicken Biriyani at Lucky's - Rs 55 /-]{NOTE - yum !}

Gypsy Women
[Lambadi Women - taken at my house from the terrace]

With the old come the new. Pune happens to be India boom towns and has amazing growth in the past decade.
Here a sparkling new mall in Pune

[ Mall mania]

That's all folks for now. If you want look at some more pictures go over my flickr page.

Here are some my old Photo Diaries.

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Anonymous said...

Very cool, personal view of Pune!

A q. - I'm trying to view pix or video of some of the new infrastructure developments so your mall photo was amazing! The malls going up in India are FAR classier & better then the ones here in the USA - very impressive!

Where can I view more such marvels such as biotech & high tech park campuses, new airports, highways, the New Delhi elevated (subway) train, etc.

My mail is: AbhiSonia@Yahoo.com