India's Second Favourite Sport

Where has all the rain gone ? [UPDATE]

It's already 16th June and there is no sight(or sound) of the monsoons.There was some rain- the day before but after that nothing. The newspapers are talking about the monsoons going on a break.

Monsoon advance halts over India [via Times of India]

PUNE: If you're planning to take a monsoon break, hold on, because the monsoons are themselves on a break.

The progress of southwest monsoons has halted in India since June 8 when it touched Goa. It has failed to advance northwards since then, even as there are no indications of a revival in the next two days.

The monsoon hollidaying in Goa - typical isn't it ?

They should revive in the coming weeks adds the met department. In the mean time let there be sweltering heat.

India's Second Favourite Sport

There comes a time in every Indian year, this magical time then the first monsoon rains douse the sweltering summer to an end. We here in Pune we are being treated to some gloriously refreshing �pre-monsoon� rain.
For 3 days straight now they have been pouring down on us, every evening taking the mercury down with them.

Indians are pretty much like the English when it comes to their love of weather prediction especially when it comes to monsoons.

When are they coming� said an impatient Indian.

I�m telling you, there is going to be a drought again this year and government is not going to a thing� said the pessimistic Indian.

They�ve hit Kerala� says another with much glee.

Good rains will be good for the market� said one sitting in his shop watching CNBC.

I predict good rains and a train accident all at the same time� said a turbaned man in an orange kurta gazing into the palm of another.

My parrot could have told you that for half the price� says the man sitting next to him.

Our calculations tell us that the precipitation in question will hit of India on the 9th of July and hit and upper Bay of Bengal there after. If you look at the satellite picture�
says the one behind in white lab coat behind the thick soda bottle glass spectacles.

I�m sure Monsoon prediction is India�s second favorite sport [after cricket]. Around the end of May - in homes, hostels, offices, hotels, restaurants, chai shops, desi daru bars, pan shops. R&D centers, hospitals, dance bars- every where along the length and breath of the country people dream of the first rains coming down and rescuing them from �the villain No 1�. �Tan-tan-nan� {Hindi picture style), The Summer

They call it the Indian summer for a reason; on certain days all you need is one egg and a sufficiently clean rock to make a fried egg.

But like everything else, when it�s the middle July and your outside and you�re
so drenched that you feel like a fish, in knee-deep in water, the umbrella
above you is torn to shreds by the onslaught of vicious razor sharp
raindrops that when you get a little sick of it.

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