X & Y

X & Y

This is the artwork from Brit Band Coldplay[much awaited & yet to be released] third album
X & Y.
According to 'Metafilter' the artwork [looks very Radiohead] is some sort cryptic message we the discerning consumer have to some how solve or understand and the record company bosses are hoping for public intrigue. I believe this is very Dan Brown, an era when cryptology has become 'cool' even to an extent were companies are using it as Marketing gimmicks.May be a few years ago if you said you had an interest in cryptology you would have been filed under nerd, this still may be the case today but it now has a cool edge to it, speaking strictly on how the trends goes.

On a secondary note I'm really looking forward to this album having liked the earlier two and if you like me didn't here about this until today then here's a link [[Coldplay Finalizes New Album Track List VIA Billboard.com]] that would answer most of your queries.

Well if anybody in the audience has any clue what the hell this means drop a me a line .

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