Looking to the Sky

Looking to the Sky

Imagine this - You're walking down a street and you see the peculiar sight of girl and what appears to be her mother looking up at the sky for no apparent reason.

What Would You Do ?

Well, 9 OUT of 10 people who are not preoccupied by similar blatantly non-apparent preoccupations would stop and join our pair and then either
  • Realize there is nothing yonder, think the women are stark raving mad and you either join them in their madness or the more likely you walk away mumbling something about calling social services.
  • You point up into the sky and saw the following with glee "Watch out we've got a jumper" " It's a bird,it's a plane, no the man thinks he's Superman."

Call me crazy, but this observation gives me an insight into current fashion, media and general social trends.

1. The general direction in which something tends to move.
2. A general tendency or inclination. See synonyms at tendency.
3. Current style; vogue: the latest trend in fashion.
[via answer.com]

Nick once told me this little story.
It all happened when his friend[I forget his name] that decided to go to his audition with his jeans rolled upto his knees.Nick played fashion police and stopped him, breathing a sigh of relief, thinking he had averted yet another Tamagotchi(?????) like hideous fad. But just a few months later[much to his horror] the latest fad on the New York High Street was rolled up denim jeans.
Companies love playing trends something goes big -- companies follow.

Think Ipod
and how you have most accessorised gadget ever think covers add-ons,variants,software,ebooks and now podcasting and so forth.

The things about human beings is that when they see something they like or want ---
they emulate.

All you need is one person looking up at the sky. Do something differrent start a trend.

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