Well as Geetanjali rightfully pointed out Starling Sihaghad was wrongfully posted here when it was to be posted on Pune Blogging.Well the necesscary changes have been made and you could expect the second part of the post there too.

As a space filler I'll tell you why I name my dog (bitch) eva. I like this story well it's got personal significance to me well and is not of much significance else wise but I don't care really.
Anyway we wanted to get a dog and name him Hitler, not that we are anti-Semitic or anything we just wanted to him after a dictator. Since Napoleon was too long and Stalin didn't fit we where left with Hitler the cocker spaniel as a name. But thing go will adopting a pup my parents, my dad in particular fell in love with this black pup, it was love at first sight almost sight. So eva was brought home and were in somewhat of a dilemma what to name her. Therefore we decided to name her eva (evita), after Eva Brown Hitler's girlfriend.
Eva is not very well at the moment hopes she gets well, how I miss that creature.

You said to write you a song
So here, this is for you
Now as you toss through those lonely nights
Just know there is someone thinking of you
Everyone is waiting for the timing to be right
And we hope it's coming soon
So just rest your eyes and then...
You'll be in love again
We talked and the moon was bright
Your words were glowing as they drifted out of sight
But now the change of the seasons sets in and nothing, nothing feels just right
We fear these nights and then we compromise
Yeah, but morning always comes
So just rest your eyes and then... You'll be in love again

Words from Rest your eyes from Azure Ray. That what I'm planiing to do next.

[Update]- 8th December 7:50 pm
Just got off the phone from my dad, Eva is feeling quiet better(Akshay breathes a sigh of releif). It's funny how a human are entrailed in the love of such creatures and people might find this strange, eva is stealer of hearts , mine several times over.
I can still imagine her sitting up on the pillow next to me and licking the pillow next to mine waiting for me wake from my blessed sleep and give her some attention.

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