My Blinking CPU

4 am is an ungodly hour to wake up, simple ungodly. But that�s why we've invented the telephone so when it rings, small voices in your head say "Pick it up�. These voices only get louder and louder and bang you're up.
On most days all that greets me at 4am is the slow moving ceiling fan and the dimly strangely green light of my blinking CPU and the randomly selected song it plays for me each morning and the cold and the darkness.
Well getting up at hours well before my time has come as always news and on the contrary to what the above has just all said I do not wake up at 4 am unless it is absolutely necessary I stress on absolutely I'm a pretty lazy customer you know. The thing is that time gets the better of me most of the time, I haven't grasped it�s concept yet its too Greek for me.
Einstein once said that there were only thirteen people in the world who understand the theory of relativity. Well there was this kid in my class claimed he was one them and he then ends up failing physics.
If your expecting something more exciting from me well I'm sorry these exams are sucking out the living hell out of me.
I will leave you with a few picture from my trip to Sihaghad a week or so ago (you could expect a post on that in the future).

A moonlit moring .

Dawn of a New Day .

Aurora Sunrise Incomplete .

Strangers on a Mountain.

for more pictures from the shaky lens of Akshay visit Reflections of Reflections [now updated]
I'm been quiet busy lately therefore I should apologies for my forced absence. In the words of Joni Mitchell
So many things I would have done
But clouds got in my way

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