Sloping Roofs And All The Jazz

Sloping Roofs And All The Jazz

Living in a matchbox styled Tokyo type apartments in Bombay most of your life, you get used to small compact living spaces. I would think most denizens of the city are not used to open spaces and suffer from self-induced Agoraphobia. When I moved to Pune. My eyes slowly got used the ever increasing dimensions. To elaborate a little I live in my grandparent�s house. My grandparents are now deceased therefore I live alone.

My mother gets these brilliant ideas sometimes. My mother is a firm believer in buying things first and finding uses for them later. As an example to this, there was once an old Parsi house on Palli Hill. An ever-dimensioning bread of houses. I say 'was' because it has been demolished to make way for yet another large super sprawling ugly apartment complex. Anyways this old Parsi House had a 150-year-old teak roof. So as they were demolishing the poor creature my mother being my mother bought the roof. This would seem to be pretty funny or impractical to most because we have no use of the darn thing in the first place.
Since we now a 150-year-old teak roof and no use of it really, my mother got yet another brilliant idea Why not refurbish the house in Pune with sloping roofs and all the jazz incorporating the newly acquired roof ?

Therefore I was forcfully moved into the garage, which I should say was a dark stuffy load bearing structure, with a coconut tree running through my living room. I lived there for a greater part of a year while the refurbishment took place. Refurbishment I would say is wrong word to use. If you think demolishing a structure building another one, laying a new slabs, building a roof from with a set of wooden trusses as refurbishment then refurbishment it was.

Seven painful months later it was finished and I could move in to my new room. I�m not sure if they name houses in other countries but in India they name their houses like if it were a person or a dog or something. Therefore presenting to you Meher Nihal.

Here is what you�ll see if you ever walk through my front door. The wooden fa�ade is another example of my mother�s impulsive buys. It from a 1000-year-old temple in Ratnagiri somewhere. Then there are the two wooden Thai Buddha In front of which is a Vietnamese paper bowl.

This was the Parsi teak roof I was talking about, above.

My favourite place in the house the roof. Notice the terracotta Mangalore tiles.

My table, the perennial mess.

I believe they call this a Pergola [An arbor or a passageway of columns supporting a roof of trelliswork on which climbing plants are trained to grow.]

The library.

Look at all those chickoos.

To my mother, a tribute to her eccentric yet creative genius

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