On the morning of the sun, the sky dances - A story of the Siberians Cranes

On the morning of the sun, the sky dances - A story of the Siberians Cranes

Sitting on a rock among other rocks and a pebbled beach at my front and the wind at my back, I wait. The sea glistened like a thousand mirrors and her frothy edges moved over the pebbles like a mothers hand. I took small puffs of air in through my teeth only to taste the salt at the tip of my tongue .I hear them, a sound trumpeting their arrival. A sound so distinct yet so far away like panpipes resounding through the Andes. The clouds now block the sun like they sometimes do and in the distance, I see them.
Flying in formation in black tipped Vs, they gleam happiness, they have reached. They�re journey of a thousand miles has almost come to an end. This thermal has bought them to their winter home. They swoop down breaking away from their warm blanket of hot rising air, landing on the beach in front of me. They do this like clock work just like the millions before them.
I watch them intently as they danced and they sang. Singing in their flute like musical voices dancing with a long, intricate sequences of coordinated bows, leaps, runs and short flights.
They are the The Siberian Cranes .
I say to myself
"I�ll sometimes think that warriors brave
Who met their death in bloody fight
Were never buried in a grave
But rose as cranes with plumage white"

But it time for them to go, fly away but I would always remember them like flowers in the wind.

Trivial Links

Here the Wikipedia Article on the Siberian Cranes

I found the interesting webpage of Angelo d'Arrigo

Angelo d'Arrigo holds a number of world records in the field of flight, principally with microlights and hang gliders, with or without motors.

In 2001 he initiated a sequence of breath-taking events which saw him flying alongside various birds of prey as he attempted to learn from them their techniques for migratory flight by taking advantage of thermal air currents for long distance flight with low energy consumption.
In 2003 he flew 5,500 kilometres from northern Siberia to the Caspian Sea in Iran in the company of a flock of Siberian Cranes who had been born in captivity and considered him their parent: the bird is at risk of extinction and in order to try to save the species, Russian ornithologists hatched this plan: have the eggs incubated under Angelo's hang-glider, so the chicks saw this as they hatched. Have Angelo be with the chicks as they fledge. And when they were ready to fly, have them fly alongside Angelo so they would consider him their mentor. That way, he could show them the traditional migratory route for their species. They had no other way to learn it.

In 2004 he is attempting to fly over Mount Everest with a pair of Nepalese eagles.

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