Would like a Cup Of Tea ? - The Enchanted Tea Pluckers of Labookelle

Would you like a cup of tea ?

Part - 1 - The Enchanted Tea Pluckers of Labookelle

Like most people I like to get my daily supplement of caffeine, some like it in the form of coffee others like me prefer tea. My day isn't complete without at least three cups of it. So if you where to ask me "Akshay
, would you like a cup of tea?" the answer in most cases would be in the affirmative.
I'm not fussy either, from to cutting chai to earl grey they all taste the same to my me.
Coming back to the post. In the recent past , I awoke one morning and this time I was not just looking for my morning cup, I was looking for my morning basket full . If you are a little confused at this point don't be. For this faithful morning I was going on the hunt for the tea-puckers of Ceylon.
Two thousand metres above sea level ,floating on a cloud lies Nuwara Eliya blushing with her lush grren acres and acres of tea plantation.Here my adventure begins at 5 am on a blistering cold morning in July. My search for the enchanted tea pluckers .

Stay tuned for Part - 2 tommorow. I was feeling lost, so I thought I would go on a little blog holliday.What do you think ?
And yes I accidently deleted my earliar template and since I could not repair it I had to get a new one.

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