My life in a nutshell

My life in a nutshell, going to college.Morning 10:30 traffic Law College Road listining to my ipod .
Boy ! I really love this picture .Notice the on coming motocycles that's signature Pune nightmare traffic. BTW for those who don't know this mode of public traffic this the internal view of a yellow and black Bajaj RE autorickshaw (read Rickety Rickshaw )
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krisje_1984 said...

Nice site,


Kristel (Holland)

Akshay said...

Hello ,Kristel.
Thank you for Visiting .
Been to the netherlands it's a nice country ,very beautiful.

H G Wells said...

I believe the youngster these days use the phrase "totally awesome"...

Well, Mr. Akshay, this photograph is totally awesome!

I love it!

Glad to see you are doing well, we have not spoken in some time!


Akshay said...

It's been some time Mr. Wells .How is your campaign going ??
By the Way I like your taste in music AC/DC those rock..
Listining to hell bells as of now

Monologist said...

That's on my to do list when i go to India
Get a ride in a rickshaw!!