BitTorrent taking P2P by Storm

Hello ,from a bruised and battered me.
Had to stay home today and miss out on college and the quiz at Ferguson because of my swollen leg.
So I'm stranded at home all alone as usual,
this really sucks.

I found this awesomely new P2P client called BitTorrent .
Kazaa's days are numbered ,this software is simply to great to be true and did I mention fast.
BitTorrent a brain child of Bram Cohen , better known for CodeVille .
Bittorrent has a very efficient mechanism which gives its edge over Kazaa and it's also very simple to use.
It's works on a process called Swarming where a file is broken up into several parts for easy circulation.
To start sharing a certain file , a .torrent file is created by a user which is spread by the usual method.
Anyway it's just such a great client .
I use the one called Bitspirit.
which can be download at

Note --- I'm so sorry for all these typos

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Hugh said...

I do not mind or notice your typos. Your leg is more important! I hope you are ok and that you feel better really soon, Ashkay. Please take care of yourself.

Akshay said...

Thank you for your concern hugh it very nice of you,
Anyways I'm headed for a full recovery .. will be 100% by monday