"There are 8 million stories in the Naked City and this was one them."

That was ending of a B/W movie I say yesterday, I really didn't catch the title because I joined in the middle. But I really don't want to talk about the movie as such I want to look at it from another angle.
People have their stories and yes there must be 8 million stories in a New York Minute. But these are not stories these are their lives..Their everyday doings.
EACH STORY IS IMPORTANT....An importance that cannot be ignored or forgotten.,.
On the other hand if we take these stories on the basis of numbers alone India and China will win hands down.
From one kind of story let s jump to another kind a news story,and as I was saying now suddenly world is sitting back and taking notice of the above mentined countries.
Top magazines spawn story after story fueling a sort public opinion in the developed countries .
Some experts have even gone as far as calling it Asia's Century
May be it is Asias century or may be it isn't .. as critics point out that they said the same thing about Japan ..but America survived Japan and it will survive China and India.
"Survived" what do they mean by that I thought to my self ..the answer is simple yet not understood by many .. United States of America is an empire in every sense of the word except for it is an empire in denial also it is the lone superpower and it dictates.. and the world listens not always without hesitation but the world listens.
The way I look at it is the alpha country and like in the animal kingdom Darwinian rules still apply for after all we are animals and once in a will a country faces the then alpha country for superpower status and I believe that what is happening know. The 'wanna be'
spes against the lone old spe.
But now it is more like tag team wrestling 2 against one. not 2 united but 2 against common a common 1
What I think is going to happen is a more balanced world.
We know that a plane works better with more then one engine same way the world will be a better place with more then one superpowers , more then one ideology , more then one culture and more choice. AFTER all democracy .. is all about choices (even tho china is not a democracy )..
and all and all summing up ..Things are getting better, bc the way things are there is only one way , up

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