Gone ! It has gone. Yes I will newer write the abbreviation 03 , unless I'm revisiting the past. It newer seems like the past has .....Left us behind .
Yet the transition from one year to another is too smooth . You newer get the feeling anything has changed . Maybe that's why people celebrate the new year so much they want change or a reason for change .
I have been running around , allot in the past few days . Chasing people ..
But , finally my chasing is over..
I sitting alone in a cyberspace next to two scamsters >> running some kind of some cyber dating scam.
I know they reading this that why I'm writing this.
I really sad what people do for money.
anyways since it the new year ..
and it "brand new" ... Shining untouched , sparkling.
HOPE people of the world keep it like that
Cheers and happy new year to all

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