Call for Submissions : BLOWup Angkor 2013

For the last couple of years, we've (along with my friend Lenskap) been playing with the idea of interesting public of photography in the streets of various cities. BLOWup Angkor now in it's 4th year is our flagship, where we descend on this Cambodian town with pictures from all over the world, all to pay homepage to our favorite photo-festival. We are calling for submissions for exhibitions and projections through an open call and thought you guys might be interesting in sending us something :)

"BLOWup Angkor is an outdoor photographic exhibition which runs along side the 9th Angkor Photo Festival on the streets of Siem Reap Cambodia. Spread over the city the exhibitions explores the intersection between the street and photography. This one will be like no other, and we hope for no shortage of things to do and see— we’re talking 35 exhibitions and street installations, 10 talks and projections, and 1 nighttime show and tell .

Our projections & exhibitions are selected from a call for submissions; we want to ask you our community of photographers across the globe to share their work with the people of Cambodia.

Send your submissions in at
Last Date for Submissions : 12th November"

 [Look here more information on the festivities]

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