The Bhopal Legacy

At around midnight on Dec. 3, 1984, a Union Carbide plant manufacturing the pesticide Sevin suffered a terrible malfunction, accidentally releasing poisonous gas into the air over Bhopal, India. Thousands of people died that night and in the days, weeks and months that followed. Since then, very little of the toxic residue around the plant has been cleaned up, while the local population suffers from a high rate of birth defects, cancer and other maladies that activists say are tied to the pollution.

The Legacy of the Bhopal Gas Tragedy - 1

First : In 1989 Union Carbide agreed to pay $470 million to settle its liability in the accident. Five years later, the company sold its controlling interest in the site to its Indian partners. In 2001 Union Carbide itself was acquired by Dow Chemical. Today, the site, including its control room, above, are under the stewardship of the Madhya Pradesh government.
 Second :Saira, 16 years,this body is underdeveloped because of severe cerebral palsy and multiple muscle dysfunction that appeared shortly after his birth. They continue in JP Nagar a colony on the South Wall of the former UC factory.]

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[First : On the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the disaster, the Bhopal Gas Tragedy Relief and Rehabilitation Ministry, which is currently responsible for the plant and its grounds, has declared that the facility shall be opened to the public for a week — in order, says a spokesman, "to get rid of the apprehension and misconception that the chemical wastes lying in the factory are still harmful and are polluting the groundwater of nearby localities."
 Second :Among the many organizations that have sprung up to help the victims of the disaster is the Chingari Trust, which offers assistance, education, physiotherapy and advice to children whose parents lived through the disaster or who have become ill from consuming contaminated water.]

The Legacy of the Bhopal Gas Tragedy - 2

[ First : Union Carbide 2012.
 Second : Many of the families living near the disaster site are poor, urban slum dwellers unable to afford the cost of relocating. In a city where safe drinking water is already a scarcity, they are forced to drink the affected water lying underneath their homes.]

  The Legacy of the Bhopal Gas Tragedy - 4

[ First    : Union Carbide 2012.
 Second : Sachin, 18,centre after getting out while playing street cricket. He is paralyzed from waist down from birth,in Oriya Basti, one of contaminated slums.]

  The Legacy of the Bhopal Gas Tragedy - 5
Originally commissioned and published in Yard Magazine, France.

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