Provoke. and ellicit a reaction.


It's a simple game. 

Wear your blurry-little-ricoh around your neck, be confrontational and leave your flash ON.

Get into people faces, don't be scared. Take a picture. Show them the picture. Leave.  Repeat.

A new delhi night club is perfect place for this little game - a game you play for your own drunken entertainment


Provoke. and ellicit a reaction


In 1968, a group of Japanese photographer including the likes of Daido Moriyama, Yutaka Takanashi and Taki published a magazine-style photobook called Provoke.

An attempt to capture a momentary reality (not represent it but be it)

The first volume of Provoke begins with their manifesto, as ascribed to photographers Nakahira, Taki and Takananshi and poet Takahiko Okada.

Here is an excerpt

The image itself is not a thought. It cannot possess a wholeness like that of a concept. Neither is it an interchangeable code like language. Yet its irreversible materiality–the reality that is cut out by the camera–constitutes the opposite side of language, and for this reason at times it stimulates the world of language and concepts. When this happens, language transcends its fixed and conceptualized self, transforming into a new language, and therefore new thought.

At this singular moment–now–language loses its material basis–in short its reality–and drifts in space, we photographers must go on grasping with our own eyes those fragments of reality that cannot possibly be captured with existing language, actively putting forth materials against language and against thought Despite some reservations, this is why we have given Provoke the subtitle, “provocative materials for thought.”


Sorry I'm going to be and shape the only tangible reality available to you my viewer. Well unless you were there.



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