Versova Morning.

An Early morning breeze creeps up the shallow saline creek, the salt coupled by the drying fish behind me adds to the smells. I'm in Versova, a beach in the Mumbai suburb of Andheri. This beach faces on the Arabian Sea and is home to population of Mumbais's fishing community. Versova in the morning makes for quiet a scene as the fishing boats arrive back from their early morning expeditions. The fish mostly shrimp, bombay duck, shark, is then unloaded and shipped off to the nearest fish market.

FISHING  Versova Mumbai

More Green Saris

The "fish" in the picture is Bombay Duck. The Bombay duck (Marathi: bombil) is, despite its name, a lizardfish. It is native to the waters between Mumbai and Kutch in the Arabian Sea, and a small number are also found in the Bay of Bengal. The fish is often dried and salted before it is consumed. If freshly caught, it is sometimes eaten fried in a batter; and in its dried form, it is commonly eaten in a curry. It is also prepared as a pickle. The bones of the fish are soft and easily chewable. It's absolutely yummy I tell you. You haven't been to Mumbai if you not eaten fried bombil or bombil fry as we call it.

The Ferry

Curious eyes staring back at you.

Count the Colours

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Left it halfway, i thought.

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Mridula said...

The lady in the green sari and big mangalsutra is my favorite pic! Good work as always Akshay.