Entrepreneurial Enchantment

The Tilt is Intentional.

The first time I set my foot in the narrow people strewed lanes of Mutton Gulli, better known to most as Chor Bazaar, I had a fever and a pathogen induced delirium that one associates with such increased body temperature. Yesterday, when I re-visited Chor Bazaar, I realised that my mental confusion and fluctuating consciousness on that occaision was not a side effect of my fever but had merely set in atmospherically in the entrepreneurial magic that weaves together one of the world's most enchanting bazaars.

In the last few months I have come to realise, partly through my blog and the eyes of my camera, the beauty that surrounds me; a beauty that charts common people and even though we drown ourselves in it everyday we seem to miss it and it is all there pristine, waiting to be discovered by a little effort on our part. Yesterday, in search for this beauty [which I miss throughout the week in my insulated office environment] I trudged through some of South Mumbai’s entrepreneurial nerve centres - from Crawford Market through Zaveri Bazaar through Abdul Rehman Marg to Bhendi Bazaar ending my quest some distance away in Chor Bazaar. The result in pictures [as usual] and some words, but mostly pictures is as follows.

[This old lady dressed in differrent cascades of blues rest her eyes and weary feet on the pavement]

Some People Play with Fire 2
[Brass blacksmiths guide molten metals into shapes we can use. Some people play with fire every day.]

Some People Play with Fire
[Sparks fly and the mercury soars but people do not forget to smile.]

No it's not Gold it's Bread.
[All that glitters is not gold - these are not gold bars but loaves of bread.]

[It's a hard life but people adapt and bear the load.]

Nimbu Pani - Lemonade.
[Sweet cold refreshment is never far]

(Cathing up on the daily news )
Wheels of Commerce
[In the commercial capital of India the wheels of commerce never stop]

[A dazzling array of bangles at Null Bazaar.]

Road Signs
(Now you know what happened to your grandfather's car)
Empty Chairs.
[ A atmosphere of dejection - like two old people in a doctor's waiting room.]

Did you say Junk
[In a city that wastes nothing, everything has a market as long as you are willing to pay something for it. Junk is a word that does not exist. If it has a use it will be used to its maximum.]

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Unknown said...

As usual the pics are awesome :))

Ahve you tried going to Thed Gully or the Elephant Sale at St Anthony (Nagpada)....2nd hand clothes & shoes are sold every year ...

Shankari said...

Mmmm. What a beautiful post!

Raj said...

Great pictures.

The fiat's number starts with GAS.
I dont know why but i find that funny.

david raphael israel said...

Akshay --
it'd been many weeks since I'd glanced at your blog; you're bringing forth fine work here.

In interim, I was (very briefly) in Pune (and had a rushed visit to Ahmednagar & Meherabad); now back home in USA. In case curious, here's my anecdotage-of-a-report (w/ photos, not my own) about a trek up & stay at Sinhagad: lowkey travellogue.


Tee said...

Absolutely amazing post...will keep coming back for more...
I love the way you see colours even in black and white...
a very good eye for detail..

livinghigh said...

heyloes bazaar boy
seems like uve been dooin the rounds... great pics.

Anonymous said...

Really good intake on the place yaar. The best bit I find is the description you give along...

Keep up the good work mite...

Viewer said...

Hey akshay, cool pivtures i really like this project of urs. U havereally shown the conjusted, overpopulated markets as a good place to explore .
BTW which camera do u use.

The Comic Project said...

wow akshay...you capture the city life wonderfully...this is good stuff mate...goes on my blog soon

Bhisma Chakrabarti said...

hey, my first time here; came here through geetanjali's blog. you have got some awesome shots of the city, bravo!
more of these please.

NikhilS said...

What time of the day to visit this place??

Bombay Addict said...

Akshay - I'm beginning a bombay blogroll series at my blog.

You have so much on Bombay that I don't know where to start with you here and at metroblog !!

Yet, I'm linking up to your Dharavi post (hope that's fine?). This is simply awesome stuff.

Anonymous said...

Another amazing set of pictures!