Bharatiya Blog Mela - 6th October.

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Greetings and welcome to the 6TH October, 2005 edition of the Bharitiya Blog Mela. My reconnoiter of the Indian Blogosphere complete, all thanks to some fabulous nominations on you'’re part. To be honest there has been some confusion [here & here] along the way but I think the end product should be to your liking. So without further adieu here is my compendium of the Indian Blogosphere this week, a job Desipundit those so well on a daily basis.

Announcements !!

Firstly, Desipundit adorns a new look [bright and shiny], all thanks to Nimbupani (have a dekho) . Also there is an notice on the BBM website that tells me that there will be Mela hosted this weekend which has left me with allot of unanswered questions and a tad confused. Thanks you, Saket for the clarification.

Society & Culture with a hint of Politics.

Sunil Laxmam of Balancing life, which I remind you always makes for an interesting read, talks about director Bimal Roy’s long standing legacy to Indian Cinema as he revisits Bandani. A fitting tribute to the movie master.

Vivek keeps his cards to himself as he presents his confabulation of the card game 29 and more specifically IITB invention variation of the game rapid 29. Here’s an extract.

Diplomacy and 29 go hand in hand. You keep your cards hidden. You try to find out the other party's (even your partner's) cards - by guessing, by calculating/counting and even by cheating! You keep a card to win you the last hand. You bluff. You lie. You exchange verbal and non-verbal signals. You use the cypher.
I’m trying to learn twenty-nine as we speak, very interesting stuff. Reminds me isn't Diwalli around the corner.

Amar of Amar Akbar Anthony asks , the tomato is known as tamatar, so why isn't the potato called patatar? Why is it instead called aaloo? He goes on and answers this question delving in to etymology of these commonly eaten yet foriegn household vegetables and comes out with some amazing results. The curious incident of the non-existent patatar . Just to add my bit in Bombay the humble potato is still called Batata after the Portoguese name for the same. This is a case for Dick & Garlick.

Ashish of Ashish’s Niti laments the fate of many Indian athletes as he hears about the story of a power lifter in Orissa who was forced by penury to sell her medals.

Sakshi of “to Each its own” profiles India’s Independent Women. The list includes Women behind Shri Mahila Griha Udyog Lijjat Papad, Dr. Kiran Bedi, Shabnam Ara Begum, Mrs. Simone Tata among others. All positive role gender defying role models to Indians everywhere. She also explores unethical use of influence many Indians have no qualms summoning up at will.

Roop of Incoherent Digressions, philosophises connotations about truth. Gawker adding - the ultimate truth is that there is no such thing.

Sonia of Colour of Water presents the second edition of her column, The Dying of the Evening Stars that looks at the lives of Bargirls after the much talked about ban.

Well, the ever Curious Gawker tell us now how 2nd October has been reduced to Blame-Gandhi day, a popular holiday among post-independence baby-boomers, is celebrated every year on Mohandas K. Gandhi's birthday to commemorate the evils that have befallen India due to the life and legacy of Mohandas K. Gandhi.

Charu of A Time to Reflect talks about HIV and Morality in Tamil Nadu, throwing light on the hypocrisy brewed up by the latest happenings in Chennai involving a discotheque and some pictures. Sambhar Mafia calls it the Shiv Sena influence in Chennai. While Verbal Rhapsody is left asking Where's privacy? not in Chennai! All this stirs up more posts here and here.

Saket of Vulturo ruminates over whether what somebody those with his or her time which has no bearing on his or her vocation gives his or her employee the right to fire them. Stating Kate Moss and C17H21NO4 as example. Also, Saket in conjunction with Raven of Reality CafĂ© call to arms an initiative to google bomb Musharraf for his insensitve comments. Here's me doing my bit - “Musharraf you Insensitive Jerk.”

Nitin feels that the on the road to a ‘happy married life’, an HIV test is not the answer the truth is.

Aparna in her patented News Limerick style wonders about Oscars, Paheli and it’s Indian Spirit and all this is in 28 words. Amazing

Anand of Locana, talks about Chandrababu Naidu in his latest post, The poster boy's latest debacle.

Vijay tells that it’s Hard to compose "bad" music

Business & Economics

Govindraj Ethiraj, readies us to get Bangalored, well not by Bangalore but by rural India.

New update: India is not even in the same league as China. It’s like Mike Tyson at his peak versus Keshto Mukherjee, adds The Indian Economy Blog. The question here is why are we comparing the two in the first place.

Rashmi Bansal those her bit to add to the N number of Biz school surveys, the media and their market reasearch partners produce and publish annually and all around the same time I must add.

Nitin Pai of Acorn, lauds BPO for not heading Union Network International's call to join the trade union


IndiaGenie shows off pictures of TVS's ultramodern prototype for the autorickshaw. Here have a look.

Ink on Paper, Fingers on the Keyboard :

Broad Mode of Thought Safari lifts out a wondrous piece of poetry which somewhat inspired my title. Here’s a gist.

The scent of fresh ink,
The brilliant blue…

The mild yellow of ageing paper,
The soft crinkle…

Doesn’t that leave you with the nostalgic smell of carbon black.

Flickr Zietgeist

A picture called Varanasi Morning by Claude Renault, you can see some more Brilliant photographs from him here. Or you visit his website here.

A picture by Architronics as part of her Parsi Culture Pool.

A game of Polo in progress, a photograph by Mukund De.

The look

The Look, an image by Sudurshan. If you want more Sudurshan has a photoblog called StillPicture.

That's it from me, I hope you enjoyed the mela.
The next Mela will be hosted at India Genie

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Aparna Ray said...

Honestly, I was a bit confused as well - regarding this week's Mela and Mela schedules.

However, simply loved reading your presentation Akshay. All's well that ends well :-)

Unknown said...

Thank you Aparna, I was worried about it since I've never hosted anything like it.
I'm glad you liked it.

Sunil said...

an excellent mela, and I think the Flickr Zietgeist is a welcome addition.....

good job.

R R said...

Mela confused me. As quite obvious from my blog, I am more or less confused at all given times. This time is no different. What is mela? and how did i get in with the mela crowd? not that im complainin. my personal balle balle to all mela buddies but .... enlighten moi regarding mela purpose nonetheless pliss?

thanking with all the gratitude possible


Unknown said...

sunil - thank you, I'm glad you liked it. There are some great pictures on flickr. You should take a look.

roop - Mela are weekly affairs where one first sends out a post calling out for nominations [as seen here]. People nominate posts they like or their own posts they think deserve to be shown off.
Then the guy or gall who has volunteered for this mela business aggregates all these post in this digest form. Thats how it works. Sorry, I'm pretty inarticulate so if you didn't understand something you could ask me again.
Now if you like a particular like a post, like I do you're Evolution Perception post you can go over to IndiaGenie [link at the end of mela] and nominate it.
BTW gawker nominated you're post.


Anonymous said...

superb, Akshay... as Sunil has said, the flickr pix were a great bonus!

R R said...

ahhhh Akshay! thanks m'luv. that made sense, yeah? cool idea though, who came up with it?

Anonymous said...

Hi Akshay! Liked the mela immensely. Excellent references. Good work !