My Indian Broadband Story.

My Indian Broadband Story.
Suprising answer to my Broadband Quest in Pune.

It�s no secret that I�ve been wanting to get a broadband connection here in Pune and junk my obsolete, slow dial-up connection. So I weighed all my options and started at looking at all the possible broadband service providers. My search started around the end of October [last year], and I decided to go with Tata DSL, which looked to me as one of the better service providers. So I called up their customer service number where the guy, asked me a bunch of questions [sales plan etc.] and told me that one of their sales team members will get in touch with within 48 hours. 48 hours that didn�t come, which forced me to call their them up on a number of occasions but they never seemed they�re sales people never seemed to ever call me up.
By this time it was already the end of November.

Late November was about the time when, unknown to me, our erstwhile Government [of India] announced a policy called National Internet Backbone � 2 {NIB-2}. NIB-2 involved the process of commissioning a world class, multi-gigabit, multi-protocol, convergent IP Infrastructure, that will provide convergent services through the same backbone and broadband access network. Which in layman�s meant the government and government agencies were obligated to provide broadband services to 138 cities and towns.

Anyways, I decided to up a gear on my Tata DSL perusal. It doesn�t speak for the professionalism of a firm when the customer has to pursue a sale team. That�s what I did; I drove to their office. The sales executive paid me some lip service and for bit I thought I was getting somewhere, but then he told me that their current bandwidth in my neighborhood is fully utilized and they�ll have to dig in some more wire. This was the point, I realized it was best to say good bye to my broadband dream. Digging in new wire I knew wasn�t going to feasible for them especially for one customer but at the same time they can�t tell me off so they�ll probably promise me a connection and wave me away.
That�s what they did they told me that they�ll lay in the wire as soon as possible and contact me. I�m still waiting.
A major problem with DSL broadband is what they call last mile connectivity. Many companies have the fiber and copper networks but find it increasing expensive to connect it to your home. Also others companies have the wire and can connect it your home but like the case of Tata DSL the bandwidth already fully utilized.

My next course of action was that it would be best to wait till another large service provider enters the market somebody like Reliance or Bharti.

BSNL the state owned telecom, an unlikely answer to my prayers. Following the
NIB-2 BSNL launched broadband services for the home. I was a little lazy and apprehensive at first so it was time before I called them. Their call-center operator asked me the usual details and told me somebody from BSNL will contact me. Guess what within 24hrs I got a call from a lady from Modern Colony branch of BSNL. This has really impressed me and is making me rethink what I thought about my landline operator.

-15 days later �

Broadband. I�m happy.

It's probably more difficult to get a broadband connection in a 'non-metro' like Pune. National private player couldn't care less as they're sometimes only concerned with metro circles. Enter govenment Pubic Service Utility which suprisingly does the job.I think this would also fall true for rural mobile cirles.


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trinity said...

I enjoyed your information on internet connections. I have a internet connections blog if you want to check it out.

Anonymous said...

The BSNL Data one connection is really good.

Anonymous said...

Hathway Cable Internet is really bad in terms of service.

Anonymous said...

I am also looking for a broadband connection. I am living in hadapsar area. Do you know something aboout sify broadband??
which one is better in sify and bsnl??
How do you feel about bsnl services now.

Paresh said...

hey me too enjoyed internet information on ur broadband connection.. I am also leaving in Hadapsar area, pune. and interested in BB connection.

Can any one please tell me which connection should I go for?? BSNL or any other?

Please suggest me..