Bombay Photo Diary

Bombay Photo Diary
Bombay is a city on it heels, always at the run of things, spurring on endlessly in an endless mass of colour. But the city those also love her holidays whether its to rest at home, eat out, or walk on the beach the city those so with the same fervor and voracity as it those everything else.

On the Train

The day being a Sunday, May 1st it was a double holiday and the trains where empty and there in corner sat a man drying his handkerchief.
Empty trains and commuters peering out waiting for the next the station.

In the Market
Crawford Market Named after Bombay's first municipal commissioner, Arthur Crawford, the Crawford Market is at the northern end of the colonial part of the town, and faces the crowded inner city. An elegant covered market, it dominates the skyline with its clock tower and steeple. The cavernous spaces inside are divided into sections for fruits, vegetables and meat.

Summers in India can mean only one thing Mangoes and places like Crawford market are filled to the brim with crates and crates of this much loved fruit not to mention other summer fruits like watermelons and musk melons.

The following scene reminded me of a detergent advertisement.


There noting like cooling off on a Sunday afternoon then a dive into the sea.

I'm sorry I'm not feeling all that articulate today so I decided to let the pictures do the talking.

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