G-Wiz : India's Electric Car for the World.

The Reva, is 'Green', 'Clean', 'Cool', 'Small' and 'Fully Electric'.Yes I'm talking about the coolest if not the cutest car on Indian Roads.Famed to be the world's cheapest commercially produced reliable electric car.Made in Bangalore by the REVA Electric Car Company and tested in Pune by the Automobile Research Association (ARAI).

Anyway it was brought to my attention by the WorldChanging Blog in an article, titled
G-Wiz that the Reva is being sold in Great Britan and Malta rebranded as the G-Wiz and is soon to be sold in Japan.Here's what they said -

The G-Wiz, an Indian-made small electric car now available in the UK, is a test of the idea that a low-speed, short-range, low-cost vehicle will work in an urban setting. With a maximum speed of 40 miles per hour and maximum range of 40 miles, the only real use of the G-Wiz will be as a short-commute intra-city personal vehicle; the exemption from the "congestion charge" and free central London parking make the G-Wiz ideal for use in London

After comparative success in India where they've sold over a thousand units as of Spring 2005 they've sold about 200 cars in Britan and not only that they're getting noticed --- here , here &here which can only help

If that's not Enough ..

Beyond the green cred, the really interesting aspect of the G-Wiz is that it's a vehicle designed and built in Bangalore, India, and now being sold in the UK and Malta, and soon in Japan. REVA Electric Car has sold about a thousand vehicles in India, and has recently expanded its capacity to build upwards of 6,000 annually. The newly-unveiled next-generation REVA, which extends the electric car's range to 120 miles and its speed to over 70 miles per hour, should greatly expand the vehicle's potential utility.

Question if you had the money --- will you buy them for 250000Rs (5500 $s) ?
""The running cost of a Reva model is just 40 paise per km (1 cent) against that of a similar petrol or a diesel run car which need over Rs 2.50 per km (6 cents).""

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Nikhil said...

hi.....Recently Reva has come up with its new version ‘Reva-i’. Reva-i is packed with features like easy driving, advanced safety measures, increased speed, range and acceleration. Considering the fuel price and fast depleting environment, this EV (Electric Vehicle) technology really makes me think about this car as the need of the hour.