Window Images

Window Images

Entering Bandra station I enquire at the station master's office, "Where is Bandra terminus?".The stationmaster is a short stout man in a cheap suit is busy on the phone, places the receiver on his chest and directs us to the over bridge making expressive jesters.

Over bridge it is then and were off with backpacks and all, dodging oncoming commuters as we climb up the grimy cement steps of the steel truss built to endure the hundreds that use it. Four platforms and a few fast locals to Vihar later we are at the other end of Bandra Station.
In the rickshaw we go, five rupees the driver wants, more occupants enter, till our rickshaw-walla is driving standing up. The journey to Bandra terminus was short and quiet colorful I was told I would have paid attention if I wasn't trying to wrestle a five rupee coin from my pocket.
Our train was waiting for us on platform three all shiny in her, generic imperial, after a quick glance on the waiting list we alight and the Sampark Express from Bandra T to H. Nizammuddin is off.

Morning are frosty in Uttar Pradesh and I learn this quiet fast. Stations in India are epicenters of life, trade, communication they're so much more than merely place

I find it strange that we interact with or come in contact with so many people each day and yet we forget them the next minute, spiff they're gone.
Here are some people I would usually forgotten or would have seemed invisible to me.
Like this boy who was trying to sell me a paper.

Or this lady at the Red Fort.

Or this fellow at Raj ghat.

As usual I also took a lot of pictures of passing flora and fauna. Which as you must have noticed, most of picture fall into this category.

Puppies at the Qutab Minar.

Lone Crow at the Red Fort.

Squirrels at unknown location.

Susie the Peacock (well I know peacocks are male but, he responds to Susie)

I took some pictures of Delhi�s new and what is newer in Delhi then the Korean, driver less Delhi Metro.

And with the new come the old and Delhi has a lot of old.

Jama Masjid

Jantar Mantar

Red Fort

Qutub Minar

Phew !!

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