What I feel about Indo-Pak Reunification

What I think on reunification really doesn't really matter. My microscopic thoughts will never make a difference.
But after listening to the sometimes redundant reasoning to 52 different speakers on the topic I'm bound to have a perspective idea on the matter.
Most will dismiss the idea on it's face value, stating mutual distrust , religion and sometimes even hate..
For example when I told one person in my class that ,I was speaking against Indo-Pak Reunification... He was went on an Anti-Pak spree saying.
"Woh Salle Pakistanis" (Those Pakistanis >> where "Salle" is a derogatory word)
I know he did not mean it's just the media in both the countries spread this mutual mistrust.Thus it's almost cool to bash the other country.Degrade them on each others national television ,it's a sort of entertainment,it the perennial coffee table conversation everyday people have , all segments of society.

The thing is people are fickle minded and their thoughts on subjects change like a compass changes direction.
And there is one thing I can say with certainty that things that seem impossible today will become possibilities tomorrow.

The same is the case with the "India - Pakistan" relationship ,these two countries were one in 1947,before partition (for those who don't know the history here's a link
Partition of India)
and hopefully can become one in the future burying their past differences.

Who would have predicted in 1944 that Europe would stand united as the largest bloc of countries going into the 22nd Century?
It would have been just a dream a dream of a few.
A dream they worked on and brought to reality the same is the case with India Pakistan Reunification .
It is just a dream ,but if we work on it CAN become a reality.

Certum est, quia impossibile est

(It is certain because it is impossible)
-Tertullian (c. 160-c. 230)

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H G Wells said...

I hate to post a comment that is not in refrence to the above subject matter, however I will...

Young man,

Of course I believe in time travel, you buffoon! I (literally) wrote the book of time travel!!

I have experienced it myself!

I do not know who you are, or what kind of person you might be...I believe you are a man of some character and well educated, although based upon your profile photo, you are not the best photographer...yet if the picture is considered a "profile photo" then you are close because it is almost showing you in profile

BAH! I'm rambling!

Thank you for visiting my site, I am living proof that time travel is possible!

Lovely Blog!

Anonymous said...

Oy man i had to put like 10 proxies and i had to confront ketki for the second time. so i had to go. btu it was 0 fun without you guys yaar