Indo-Pak Reunification .
In my mind the former is just a Dream. A Dream based on fantasy not on fact.
A Castle in the sky. You may want something to happen but it does not necessary translate into it happening.

Esteemed Judges and this most recptive August Audience.
I Akshay , from Maharashtra Institute of Technology speak against the topic.

To further my argument that Indo-Pak reunification is not possible I will delve in four conditions I feel are required for a successful reunification and in doing so I will show how these conditions simply don't exist in the present scenario and how they may not exist in the future.
Unlike the many most my colleagues who have spoken before I'm not going to indulge myself in mere Anti-Pakistan rhetoric instead mention hard fact.

The first condition , which I feel is an absolute necessity for the case of reunification to be drawn out is Peace.

I bet that know one in the audience would describe the relationship India and Pakistan share to be "Friendly".

Far From it..

In the 57 years of existence of both these nations the situation has oscillated from brief periods of calm to border disputes, open war, cold war,diplomatic blockades ,insurgency to even a Nuclear armchair.

Let me also remind you that India and Pakistan have been at war thrice.
The first being in 1961 .
Then again in 1971.
And as recently as 1999 in the Kargil conflict.
There are still underlying issues which are thorns in the peace process and with no proper composite dialogue being shared between the two nations I see these issues to remain largely unresolved.
Without the prevalence of Peace I feel the case for reunification is grim.
Far from grim it is highly unlikely.

Moving on .
The existence of an visionary leadership is required to use the case .
Let us take the example of Germany where Gorbachev took the real iniative reunite both East and West Germany.
India and Pakistan lack such an Enlightened Government.
Pakistan is head my a Military dictator as President who is hiding behind a pseudo-democratic government.
India is not far behind. India with rampant corruption and bureaucratic red tapism is not exactly a prime example of good governance.
With such unimaginative governments ,the case for reunification is unlikely to be pushed.
Let me remind you that Indo-Pak reunification is not a small triviality it requires a true iniative.. Which is lacked on both sides.

Let us look at prevailing Social Condition , the world has seen a hardening on religious lines.
The same is the case in India Pakistan ,
In Pakistan there is small section of society,certain cleric peddling hardline , extreme views who are spreading hate on the basis of religion..
In India with the existence with the existence of religious hardliners like the BajRang Dal the picture is quiet the same.
Reunification will further complicate the already complex religious equations thus leading to strain on India's secular Fabric causing only more communal violence.
This in my mind would have disastrous effect , a disastrous effect we cannot afford.
Thus making reunification a impossibility.

Summing up I would like to say the case for reunification is like a skeleton .
A body with no mass , no flesh.
Thus should be dismissed as impossible.

toady is the 41st Anniversary of Martin Luther King's speech.
I have a dream.

I too have a dream
a dream where India and Pakistan co-exist in Peace.

The only difference between my dream and that for reunification is that mine is closer to reality.
Thank you.

[Note---- Sadly I didn't qualify for the next stage... by the way this speech does not reflect my views on the issues.. those will be cleared up next time]

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This username does not exist said...

Hi there.
I found your speech to be quite interesting, regardless of your true feelings about the topic. My lack of knowledge aside, I do think that you did a good job at identifying obstacles to the resolution of the countries' differences.
I would like to hear more about your true feelings on the topic.


Hugh said...

That was a terrific speech. You amaze and inspire me.

This username does not exist said...

If you could so much as name a site or some reference to hostels that would be very kind of you.
Once again, the speech was very impressive.

Rahul said...

That was neat dude !!!

Anonymous said...

this is super cool dude... i love that attitude.. and tell u what i have the same dream to see an unified indo-pak...