An excuse for a website

Finally after many years of procrastination I have a website - which I will use mostly as a web-portfolio for the pictures I've taken.

Attempt at a website


You would remember most of the work but I have included some photographs that I haven't shared at any of my other web-real estate. Namely an essay on the Gulabi Gang (expect a post on them soon).

Enjoy ! Any feedback is appreciated.

Running the risk of sounding cliche

Walking around India, I always seem to imagine her to be populated with characters R.K Narayan could have dreamed up, characters who could be fussy, tricky, harmlessly rebellious or philosophical — but who were always believable. Running the risk of sounding cliche she(India) teems with life, abounds with color. The joy of wandering any street, peer through windows or to push open a door is to encounter a character and through it India's character.

Doing the Homework- Pune India