An excuse for a website

Finally after many years of procrastination I have a website - which I will use mostly as a web-portfolio for the pictures I've taken.

Attempt at a website


You would remember most of the work but I have included some photographs that I haven't shared at any of my other web-real estate. Namely an essay on the Gulabi Gang (expect a post on them soon).

Enjoy ! Any feedback is appreciated.

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Prasoon said...

way to go!!! :)

kiran said...

Akshay, just looked at your website. It was great to looker at your wider collection of pictures!

Uday K said...

Nice and clean. One suggestion, can you put title to your images, I checked out the Bombay images and they had did not have title. It is nice to know the story behind the pictures.

Steffi said...

I will visit that and give you some feedback

Adli Yusof said...


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an said...


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