The Godfather of Bangalore© WIRED

Godfathers of Bangalore © WIRED
[The billionaire and former don "Muthappa Rai" is also a man of leisure. Here he drives a golf cart in front of his mansion just outside of Bangalore.]

This is part of a story I helped and shot for Wired on Bangalore's Land Mafia - it is centered around a former mob boss turned business men and politician muthappa rai.
You will find most of the details in the online version of the story - here.

Here are the other pictures


Godfathers of Bangalore © WIRED
[Two burly men carrying shotguns smile grimly as I drive past the first checkpoint to Muthappa Rai's fortified compound. I'm an hour south of Bangalore in a patchwork of fallow fields and construction sites. Rai's mansion comes into view at the top of a hill, a giant white building surrounded by a 20-foot-high concrete wall.]


Godfathers of Bangalore © WIRED
['Agni’ Sridhar, a former Bangalore don turned filmaker, editor and journalist at his house in Bangalore. His bangalore house and office is a walled complex with electic fences and 20 foot walls around it.He wrote the cult Kannada movie Aa Dinagalu which is based on his day in bangalore's Mafia.]


Godfathers of Bangalore © WIRED
[Lokesh's nickname, "Malama", means "medicine". As in if you have a problem, Lokesh is the medicine. He is a well-known rowdie who settles real estate deals with force. He has several cases, included those of murder against him. He believes he is a old school gangster and believes more using knifes and swords then guns]


Godfathers of Bangalore © WIRED
[Lawyer and associate of mid-level assosiate Muttapa Rai at his pigeon-hole office in Shivajinagar.]


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rain girl said...

awesome shots. but why aren't u credited for the pics on wired?

Vatsala said...

coolness :) You're on wired. This is awesome !

agent green glass said...

exactly. read the article, and realised you aint credited for the pix.
that apart, it's always fantastic to see your blog. the pictures and the write ups keep getting better.

Flaneurbanite said...

This is utterly awesome. Keep up the great work, Akshay:)

Vertino Aleci said...

wow this is pretty cool. you ought to be credited, make sure you let them know.

came across your blog while I was searching for arsenal fans, it would be good to hear from you on my gunners blog. Take care

Chethana said...

wow - this is so different from your usual theme of work. And thrilling, in a weird way. You seem to have caught the "godfathers" in a very different sense than how the media usually captures them.

humanobserver said...

A nice presentation. Bravo ! I found your blog through a old copy of betterphotography magazine.

Savaari said...

Good thought and nicely presented. I like this unique study of yours. Good work.