Singing Strings, Throbbing Drums

A Qawwali's Things
[The Qawalli's things]

Singing strings, vibrant woods, throbbing drums - he quietly uprears his voice to the beloved - as if not from strings, not from wood nor from drums but from himself comes the voice of the beloved. The Qawwalli is over. Their task is done, the musicians carry away their instruments; the assembly disperses, each listener carrying away with him the fullness of the sound that lingers over the marble tomb now silent. What is the power of this sound, how does this music speak, welcoming all with a familiar message while revealing to a seeker realms beyond his knowledge, leading each on his own path yet joining all in the fervor of a shared musical experience.



Tambourine Qawwalli, Haji Ali, Mumbai

If you guys are interested in the partaking in some Qawwalli music - I suggest you report at Haji Hali Dargah[which is a sight by itself] around 4 o'clock - It usually happens everyday but then again you are at the mercy to whims of these musicians.

Haji Ali Dargah, Mumbai

Elle and Masculinity

This is fairly embarrassing

Heretofore, men's personal grooming has been more a matter of maintenance than augmentation; a haircut as opposed to a henna treatment. Or at least that is what I thought. To be honest I must admit, before last month I've never quiet used a "cosmetic" of any type except may be on the odd occasion it was forced on me by my sister or a girlfriend.

No, I wasn't afraid it would rob me of my manliness, it is just so complicated - a powder bronzer, a concealer and kohl liner for eyes and lip balm in three shades: natural, fair skin and tawny - see it is a rocket science.

Therefore, it was a fairly unique experience when I was told I would need make - up for the shooting of the above picture [the one on the right obviously]. It is also true I would need all the help I could get.

Anyways, I quiet liked the use of these ''bold, virile line of revolutionary tools'' designed to ''enhance masculinity'' and ''offer each and every man the right to be naturally handsome" or at least this is what I told myself as the friend I had brought along died laughing at my side.

So yes

''Dude, where's my concealer?'

Oh yes as a shameless effort to document this we made a video - it is hilarious at my expense of course.