Mister, you want my postcard ?

Mister, you want my postcard ?

I turn a corner off Bar Street towards Psar Chas. Two Khmer children – a boy and a girl - lay in my pursuit. A loud Khymer confab is exchanged as the children run towards me. The boy has obviously won as the girl discontinues her pursuit. One often runs into children at street corners trying to sell you souvenirs – bracelets, postcards, photocopied versions of Lonely Planet, t-shirts etc.

“Mister, you waannt my pooostcard”, he spurts out in a singsong Khmer accent.

"I have many pictures Mister, Angkor, Bayon …………"

"You’re from India Mister ?" [I nod]

"If I tell you capital of India – will you buy my postcards Mister ?"

"Captial of India? – New Delhi" [Impressive]

"Capital of Finland ? – Helsinki" [He’s good]

"I don’t need any postcards,” I tell him

"Buy my postcards and I’ll leave you alone Mister" [Blackmail – good touch]

"Do you have a girlfriend Mister ?"

"No", I reply

“May be you get girlfriend if you buy my postcard” [he smiles]

I briskly remove my wallet.

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Hanna said...

On behalf of all the people of Helsinki, props to the boy.

Kaushal said...

Hahaha - this made my day! Especially the way you've written it. Keep 'em coming and wish u more adventures in Cambodia!

Ashu M said...

As I said elsewhere - be glad he didn't offer to lead you to a 'girlfriend of the day' after that verbal exchange :)

Deepika Patil said...


Viewer said...

the kis sounds adorable and u were equally sweet enough to buy the postcard :)

Melody said...

:) Adorable!

Humour works for you, hope to read some more!

GuNs said...

Boy, that sounds like a pretty good salesman to me !

Which postcard did you buy? Please put up a photo.


ketan kirange said...

hey..nice 1 ! :-)

Malaveeka said...


Sheena said...

such an endearing story :D

made my day too