Saris and Bollywood.

Attack of the Pigeons © The Telegraph UK

I have never worn a sari but I fathom it is considerably hard to wear, this coming from someone who can't even tuck his shirt in properly. You must be wondering why I'm considering all this, well I'm not really it is just that a few Sundays ago I had a photoshoot for the telegraph that involved their young intrepid travel writer Francisca Kellett prancing around the Gateway of India in one [sari] for my camera - her experiences here and here.

All in the name of research for a travel piece on Bollywood and dance sequences which you can find here or in today's Telegraph.

Anyways, more pictures published more Yeahs ! in London this time.

Expect travel tales from Bhopal, Varanasi and Calcutta soon.

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H. Cardoso said...

Ok, so now I know who she is! :)

Vi said...

You captured a very lovely moment.

Intern said...

ohh I love this picture!! superb!

SloganMurugan said...

Instant fav! wonderful dude!

savante said...

Looks like she's having a whole lotta fun! :)

Freudian Slip said...
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