Indibloggies 06


I won !

Trivial Matters is now officially.

Best INDIPHOTOBLOG - Trival Matters

Thank you to all the 171 of you who voted for me in the category and other categories (Travel and Design) were I lost to far more worthy competition.

Children at Play

It makes me extremely happy to announce that I have been nominated in 3 categories (Photoblog, Travel & Design) at the Indibloggies 2006 bettering my 1 nomination in 2005 (Design). Firstly, thank you guys for nominating me and if you've got the sudden overpowering urge to vote for me PLEASE do so here.

Vote for me!

Thank you again. Also if you stay in Mumbai please do buy a copy of the Hindustan Times tomorrow (Thursday) - I promise you'll be pleasantly surprised.

Morning at Kashid

Update :

If you, like Twilight Fairy are wondering what the pleasent suprise I was referring to yesterday is ? Well, HT published a photoessay of mine today and it looks something like this.
You can read my Orissa posts here, here and images here.
Juggernaut Town


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Twilight Fairy said...

Hey thanks for the qutub minar thingy. You dont respond to comments on ur blog kya? :p

BTW m not in Bombay.. so tell me what this surprise is :)

Chandrasekhar said...

Took some time, to find the voting link , but as a long time returnee to this blog , voted for you in all three categories.Hope you win.And hope to catch you in Mumbai Soon Akshay.


Satish said...

hey akshay,
awesome stuff man...
I wish you & HT did a photo shoot on the horrific and dangerous journey of Virar to Churchgate in morning peak hours.
There are atleast 300 people sitting on top of the train in the morning, people risk life, limb and electrucution.

I'm sure your pics will awaken the guys in the Railways.

cheers man.

Anandham said...

Stumbled upon your blog from Kala Ghoda Gazette. Stumped by your photography here. Your coverage of Korlai was great. I had been on a solitary 3 hour trip to this place last year. Its scent gave me a run. Recently I have started my blog @ would be happy if u ca take a look. It covers the recent cultural happening s in Mumbai. All the best for ur nomination @ Indibloggies(read this line thrice for 3 nominations).

ramya said...

hi akshay,

Read(rather saw) your article in HT Cafe. U have a way with pictures.They were fantastic!!

Freelance photojournalism..sounds gr8...

keep up the good work!!

all the best.

Vi said...

Added my vote; hope you win!

The spread looks wonderful.

babasko said...

YAY! Congrats you WON in the best photoblog category!!

Cheers from Austria!

Prasoon said...

congrats on winning the photblogg award at indibloggies 06 :)

Akshay said...

thank you guys for voting I won. Yeah in the best photoblog category that too.

I'm so happy.

Nishant Ratnakar said...

Congratulations Akshay! You deserved it.

abhijit said...

Akshay, hearty congratulations on winning the indibloggies Best Photoblog contest:-)

പട്ടേരി l Patteri said...

one request..will you please upload the pics in blogger.....(coz in some part of the world flickr is blocked :(
Keep blogging!!!
Happy blogging !!!!!!!

shadking said...

congrats dude.. well deserved..

just you wait till next year.. ! :P


Melody said...

Well I (was one of those who) nominated you & fully and completely knew you would win.

With no disrespect to the IB award, you're worthy of so much greater. Seriously.

I know you love what you do, but if you're ever down, remember that.

PS: That was ME waving out to you the other day when you were with ** and all smiles :)))

Nicole said...

Congratulations, Akshay! I've been following your blog and your growth as a photojournalist for almost 2 years now, and can say unequivocally that you deserve it!

Anita said...

I am not surprised! I was very sure! Congratulations.