Anonymous said...

You young blighter.My world has more sunlight because of you and those amazing black and white photographs.So barely had your jaundice withdrawn and then you let in your mistress inside.An amazing mistress , travel,adventure and a view of an amazing world through your own young eyes !! Good work lad !!

n said...

they're beautiful.

abhinandita said...

hi, your photos are truly stunning!
what camera?

Jo said...

Wow man! Great pics!!

Have a wonderful time for Christmas and with you a prosperous year in 2007 and beyond...

PS: Hope you recovered from your illness.

shiv said...

nice shots,
got here from your flickr page,got there from your jpgmag page...!
some really lovely memorable india shots here...


Vi said...

I love the last picture the best, though it's hard for me to pick just any one of your photographs.

Anonymous said...

You young genius !! I envy your times in Bombay and god gifted talent.

It seems to be that I will back in Bombay this April - and accordingly have a wonderful plan laid out for you.

- Chandu (Your Eindhoven Fan from Netherlands)

AM Starts....

6:30 - Board BEST bus from Vikhroli

8:00 - Arrive at Siddhivinayak

9:00 - Arrive at Haji Ali

10:00 - Arrive at Mahalaxmi

12:00 - Arrive at Churchgate - Lunch at Sundance with Wine

1:00 - 3:00 - Explore Colaba- Walk around the Gateway.

4:00 - Board fast local for Bandra

6:30 - See sunset at Bandra Reclamation

7:30 - Take a taxi to Prithvi at Juhu - have cutlets and irish coffee.

9:00 - Take auto or local towards Borivali - Eat chaat at Borivali West.

10:00 - Take an auto to Dahisar for the seedier side of night life in Bombay.Experience a bar dance and orchestra performance.

12:00 - finish the experience and take an auto back towards Andheri.

1:00 - Have a sublime fish or chichen puli munchi at Chakala washed down with old monk rum or fresh kingfisher beer.

3:00 AM - Reach Home and Crash !!

What say you Akshay ?

-Chandu :-))

PS - You have my mail ID,if you look up carefully.Get your camera ready.I am all angles and sunsets and a still life maniac myself.

Anonymous said...

I wouldnt be surprised if my old tired eyes perceive a Pulitzer Prize for you , young lad. Just 21 and already an eye for the details of life.Bless you.