Video Dreams in Bollywood


Watching a movie in an cramped congested brick shack in the company of atleast 40 men is a lively experience. Huddling around the large TV, the audience makes itself seen and heard at every turn of the plot - whistling at the wet saree number, egging on the Govinda as he takes on ten baddies, applauding and often repeating melodramatic dialogue about lost values and dancing and singing to the songs. Once it becomes clear that all ends well, the audience often does not bother to wait for the last scene and starts making its way out. This is how far twenty-five ruppees will get you in Dharavi if you are in search for some entertainment that is.

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Bombayite said...

i guess you next mission should be the Shady Video Parlours..
I remember in school going to watch both Pondy/non pondy movies for 6-15 bucks in Kumar behind Jaya in Borivli :))

Amy said...

sounds like a lot more fun than my cinemas, where popcorn is thrown at us if we make too much noise!! I think i'd be too distracted to actually watch the movie, i would be too busy looking at other people!!

whoami123 said...


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erasmus-in-india said...

Still have to try that one... Only went to a theater in Bangalore. Not fun. Too westernized...

GuNs said...

Hey !!

That must be SOME experience. How was the movie anyway? Good?

Remember hiring a VCR and a video cassette after a contribution of about Re 1 or Re.2 each. The cassette rent was Rs. 10 and the VCR was RS. 20. So with a bunch of 10-15 kids, we had a lot of fun. Remember watching KHILADI that way and turning into an Akshay fan. And this wasnt TOO long ago...around 1994-95, I guess.


Sakshi said...

The poster looks pretty darn interesting.;)

AJEYA RAO said...

Yep...Its fun to watch movies in villages too. The kind of enthusiasm that the audience has is missing in the multiplex viewers. :-)

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