Invisibility Shawls.

Amit asks : What would you do if you had a foolproof invisible cloak?

Who wears cloaks in this day and age ? I was thinking more on along the lines of an Invisibility Shawl, more practical for Indian conditions don't you think ? pashmina would be optimum.

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Velu said...

Actually the ministry of magic had to cancel the permits for the invisibility shawls.
This was because of various reasons like the scares caused by body-less legs walking around and the general lack of ability to admire the pashmina shawl among the women. But mostly it was banned because men have exceedingly bad legs.

GuNs said...

Shawls/cloaks...naah !! Get me an uber-cool clear black leather jacket !! That'll be some fun coz even if you half take it off, you wont look like 'Thakur' from Sholay !!


Rushi said...

i think i might put it around me or my boyfriend, so we could hang out without the whole world coming by and going, "AW THEY'RE SO CUTE" or something stupid like that.

Monologist said...

you're right, shawls would be rocking.
Just wanted to tell you that I've moved to -
and I need to update my blogroling =)

blur said...

I have nothing to say about the cloaks but tell me this

is it wrong that im in love with you?


came here after a long time, im not so much as in love as I am jealous of you :)

Jang!! said...

Amazing template.
And a real nice blog.

Eleventy Seven said...

Long time mate. I did try in vain to call and message you on your old number but was unsuccessful. Are we to have another one of those meets?

Keep in touch and yes... wonderful work indeed. I did leave a message about that blue cast from your camera.

Amy said...

Gosh, if i had an invisibility cloak i would sneak on to airplanes and fly all over the world!! Imagine how much money you would save! Oh and your blog and the pictures on it are absolutely gorgeous...your lucky to live in such a lively place like Mumbai..different from where I live! Haha- and you called Aishwarya an ice queen...never heard that one before!!