I decided to explore the theme of Abandonment purely through medium of photography.

Eye of Ruin © Time Out
[A decaying wooden spiral staircase. For the best effect see large.]

All of my life I have been caught in places I don’t belong. As a child I would dive into the furthest reaches of the family photo album to see what ancient photographs that had been taken, categorised, plastered, passed down and then forgotten. I decided to use this lifelong handicap and convert it into photography. Wielding a camera at last I had a license to explore the many wonderful, forgotten corners of the landscape and people’s lives and life around me. There is so much beauty in the overlooked details of our world.


More UrbEX - Parel, Mumbai

Danger Akshay Danger

Spiralling Stairway to ....

Staircase of blue

Behind the blooming Bourganvillas

More Spirals

Note : All images can be viewed large by tabbing into a new window.

On a secondary note, I'll be offline for the great part of the next two weeks, as I'm off to Kashmir.

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Jo said...

Superb theme!!!

Have a nice and safe journey. I'll wait to see more breathtaking pics. :-)

IdeaSmith said...

Beautiful. You're a wonder with that camera!

Ameet said...

Kashmir would be a treat for the lens. Can't wait to see your pics. Come back safe!

Rahul said...

Wonderful stuff!

Mridula said...

Can't wait to see your pictures of Kashmir.

sirabhinav said...

amazing stuff man !
have a safe trip..cant wait to see some picha's

Kusum Rohra said...

Nice pictures, off to kashmir!!! Lucky guy :)

Jo said...

Waiting for your Kashmir post.

AkaRound Peg said...

Very evocative pictures. What place is this? Makes me want to know about the abandones house, its people, their dreams and disappointments..

I enjoyed reading your post on Dharavi. And came here for looking for more.

Bombay Addict said...

Hi Akshay - sorry for repeating this comment, but just wanted to let you know that I've linked up your Dharavi post on my series on Bombay's Diaries. And hey, you write superbly and your photos are just awesome ! Thanks.

Melody said...

Wow, great pics as usual Akshay!

Am glad you're going to Kashmir because it means the rest of us will get to see some fab pics of the place!!

Take care though. Will def. say a prayer for you to be protected.

God bless,


Janeofalltrades said...

I absolutely love and adore your photographs. Thank you for sharing them. They bring back wonderful memories of a Mumbai of 20 years ago and make me strangly nostalgic for it.

Sandeep Meher said...


JamesBright said...

I came here through Jo's blog.
I am very glad that I found this blog.
Excellent work of art!

manav said...

very beautiful pictures,.

thanks for posting