Dance is Difficult

"One, two, three, four, in, in, out", continues the series.


Confused ? Disoriented ? So am I. Dance is not my cup of tea; come to think about it I have two pairs of left feet when it comes to prancing about with pre-synchronized body movements. Dance is immensely Darwinian, and disproves the fact that all men/women where created equal, for on the dance floor it boils down to the survival of the fittest. A dance workshop is not a typical place you would find me but thenagain I was there. Enthusiastic participants tried to mimic the flurry of movements the instructors demonstrated. With out-stretched arms aunties, uncles, students, dadas/dadis, nana/nanis, etc danced in a clockwise direction.

"One, two, three, four, in, in, out" advances to "four, five, turn, six, seven out"

At this point some of the stragglers in the audience (at NC Ghia Hall) joined the motley group.

"Don't just jump add bounce," added the talented instructor.

Dance is difficult.

- First comes the feet movements. They are practiced and rehearsed.
- Second comes the hand movements. Also practiced and rehearsed.
- Step three: Synchronize step one and two.
- Step four :Try Step 3 moving in an anti-clockwise circle.
- Step five: Faster, Faster.

Phew !! Oh wait it is not over. The workshop takes its first casualties as the stragglers exit the stage.

More steps are added.

"Side-right, Side-left, center-side" are added to the already growinglist of steps. Up the curve the group moved steadily, now accelerating. "Clap when you are centre and snap when you are on the side and we are done"

The step are repeated one last time, this time with all the participants.

[Post part of the Many posts I've done for the Kala Ghoda Gazette]

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Intern said...

Awesome pictures ...
[talking about previous posts]

I find this term "kala Ghoda" very familiar; whats it?

Akshay said...

Intern, thanks. Well Kala Ghoda loosely translated(from Hindi) means "The Black Horse". Which it refers to a neigbhoorhood in down town Bombay/Mumbai. So named becase of a statue of Black equestrian that once dawned the square.

Intern said...

Thanks for the information.

and I checked out on the Google ... seems to be soome cul-fest with paintings, sketches, boutiques ...
Interesting!!! Will check out the nest time I'm in Mumbai. Nice to know that you contribute to its gazette.

Intern said...

Also ... I checked out your earlier posts ... AWESOME ...
It's really nice to be covering Mumbai .. makes me nostalgic! Guess you'll see me very often here!

Akshay said...

Intern - Thanks again, I do pretty much what you do. I walk around and take pictures. Your subject Chicago mine Mumbai.

Incidently I liked your blogs too.

See you around.

Rohit Talwar said...

I like the pics here!

Akshay said...

rohit - thanks, do come back for more.

Mridula said...

So you were just the official photographer or a participent :)

Akshay said...

Mridula - well I was officially nothing but to answer your question I did dance a little. I embaressed myself midway so I hid myself behind the camera for the rest of the work shop.

Aditya said...

akshay - as usual (i know i keep saying this in every comment - but its true), i enjoy seeing my beloved bombay through your eyes ... keep em coming :)

niki yokota said...

i want to see akshay dancing photo~!!

Mridula said...
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Mridula said...

I second Niki's idea, where is the photo? I too want to see it.