Sigiriya - Lion Rock

A Photo Essay

Sigiriya is an archaeological site in North Central Sri Lanka. It contains the ruins of an ancient palace complex, built during the reign of King Kasyapa (477AD - 495 AD). It is one of the 7 world heritage sites in Sri Lanka and is one of it's most popular tourist destinations.

Here's a photo-essay form my trip there last July. Quiet amazing really.
A vantage.

To start of Sigiriya, was a palace complex cum fortress built on a rather unique granite mountain [the one that looks like a giant boulder in the first picture].
The Complex consists of the central rock, rising 200 meters above the surrounding plain, and the two rectangular precincts on the east (90 hectares) and the west (40 hectares), surrounded by two moats and three ramparts.

As I already said and now to the moat.

Lower Sigiriya , was part of a sprawling garden complex adorned by large lotus pools.

Now, what else ? Main entrance [imagine allot of Palace guards or some meditating monks what ever keeps you happy]

And Up we go [I realize I'm quiet unfit] a few breathless moments later. Kings have harems, what can we do ?

Great frescos, but not as good as Ajanta and Ellora.
Well remember I showed you a picture and told you it was the "Main Entrance", I lied. This is the main entrance. Was originally shaped as a Lion (hence the name of Lion Rock), now all that remains are the paws.

[I put my dad in the picture for reference, see those paws are big]
Some more stairs later, we're up [finally].Here the view from the top.

The original roof-top swimming pool, Ladies and Gentlemen

Yours Truly

Enjoy the view

Wind-Powered Cell Phones

Wind-Powered Cell Phones

[You'll probably read this in tommorrow's TOI, on the bussiness page]

Students at the Indian Institute of Technology(Dehli) have developed a pocket-sized turbine that attaches to your cellphone to charge it. Best suited for use in costal areas with near-constant wind flow or long talks with your mother, the device can also be used during travel as long as you set it up against the wind. The idea is to allow mobile users to charge and continue using their phone when they�re away from electricity, which is fine idea, but does the turbine give off a Pine-Fresh scent, or Cool Mountain Breeze? Because if not I can think of a way to overclock this thing.

[via Rediff && Gizmodo]


When Blogger and Google allowed me in their words to "Discover your blog's revenue potential" with Google's AdSense.I jumped at the oppurtunity and ever since, as you must have noticed and seldom clicked on there this rather colourful box[on you right of browser window] titled
Ads by Goooooogle, filled with assorted tit-bits of unrelated gabble.
These ads bring me great happiness and sometimes are also a cause for great frustrations and sometimes, just sometimes bring me to laugh.

Like right now.

The site offers Massages for Women in Mumbai.

A profesional service which offers massage for women in Mumbai, my a male masseur.The massage therapist is 5'11", strong, fit, good-looking man can easily handle big/heavy clients.Gaurenteed satisfaction.


LOL ,I can't help myself.

Bring out the vacuum cleaner.

I look myself in the mirror and see dust, dust not that comes from old age, dust that come from the lack of use. I need to wish away this neglect and look with in and realize the potential.

�Wake up from your illusion, wake up before it�s a little too late.�

A metaphorical coffee later.
�Stop running away.�

Words are so fickle they change meaning so easily, churning out new meanings and hiding the true.

Let the catharsis begin.

See the light.Smile

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Lone - Star

Sometime last month I did a post on the Bandra Worli Sealink Project (read Spanning the Globe)

The MSRDC's Bandra Worli Sea Link Project is proposed to provide a user-friendly link between the Island and Suburbs of Mumbai City. This link forms a part of proposed Western Freeway.

At present, Mahim causeway is the only link connecting western suburbs to island city of Mumbai. The existing north south western corridor is highly congested. During peak hours 12,000 vehicles cross Mahim causeway and it takes about one hour to travel from Mahim causeway to Worli, a distance of about 8 km.


Last time around, I was wondering about the progress of the same.Well, glad to say they're making some.
Seeing is believing

Here's to Mumbai's lone Infrastructure Project.

No metro here, well no commonwealth games either.

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A musical composition built on the alternation of a principal recurring theme and contrasting episodes.

"Life is not one darn thing after another, it's one darn thing over and over."

I don't remember who said this but I some truth in the statement but I would like to make an alteration

"Life is not one darn thing after another, it's one darn thing over and over with a little variations along the ways."

Kind of like a rondo

In rondo form, a principal theme (sometimes called the "refrain") alternates with one or more contrasting themes, variously called "digressions", "couplets", "episodes", or "subordinate themes". The overall form can be represented as ABACADA ... The number of themes can vary from piece to piece, and the recurring element is sometimes embellished or shortened in order to provide for variation.

Simplistically things don't change, they just seem to.I love the redundant.


I'm still here.

Post inspired by this Yugoslavian Movie I saw at the FTII, name of the film you ask ?? any guesses yes RONDO.


Yesterday as I stood opposite Sion Station on a pedestrian bridge watching Mumbai�s Saturday traffic raze by in the tradition of psuedo-surreal radiohead video I realized something.
Realized that I've forgotten Bombay forgotten it I've lost touch with it. I don't understand it the way I used to.

The first thing I noticed as I exited the bus is the strange effect the weather has to my skin, �I'm sweating now, how strange.�
I�ve forgotten the cities humid sometimes sultry warm embrace. The feeling you get when you shake a working man's hands.

Your environment sticks to you like nails to you fingers, the language, the smell, the taste, the attitude. Leave your tiny little ecosystem and you're all bear again all naked looking for a new pair of clothes looking to fit in to your new environ or try it one for size at least.

The masses of the people, the lights , the billboards, drivers with lane discipline strange. Bombay the place of my childhood seems so far away from my consciousness.

All a deja vu.

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