Yesterday as I stood opposite Sion Station on a pedestrian bridge watching Mumbai�s Saturday traffic raze by in the tradition of psuedo-surreal radiohead video I realized something.
Realized that I've forgotten Bombay forgotten it I've lost touch with it. I don't understand it the way I used to.

The first thing I noticed as I exited the bus is the strange effect the weather has to my skin, �I'm sweating now, how strange.�
I�ve forgotten the cities humid sometimes sultry warm embrace. The feeling you get when you shake a working man's hands.

Your environment sticks to you like nails to you fingers, the language, the smell, the taste, the attitude. Leave your tiny little ecosystem and you're all bear again all naked looking for a new pair of clothes looking to fit in to your new environ or try it one for size at least.

The masses of the people, the lights , the billboards, drivers with lane discipline strange. Bombay the place of my childhood seems so far away from my consciousness.

All a deja vu.

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