Your BlogMela Nominations Please !!

The BlogMela for the week starting 29th September is going to be hosted right here at Trivial Matters and I'm pretty kicked about it. [ Look my fingers are trembling ]
So come one, come all and Nominate, like I do my drinking unstintingly. In addition to your nominations, I'm sure to reconnoiter the Indian Blogosphere in search for some more fine gems in the rough.

I'm repeating the rules for posterity's sake :

  • All Nominated Post must be posted between (and inclusive of) Monday, 26th September, and Wednesday, 5th October.
  • Nominate what ever makes you're world goes round as long as it has some India or Indian relevance.
  • This after all is The 'Bharitiya' Blog Mela. You can LEAVE your nominations on my comment page but if you feel like emailing me your nominations you can do so at akshaym[at] gmail[dot]com.
  • Posts nominated after 8p.m (IST) Wednesday, 5th October won’t be accepted. The Mela will be up on the 6th.

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rishabh_flop_ruler said...

wht r we nominating for again?

Akshay said...

Bharitya Blog Mela, it's a pretty simple concept really - every week somewhere in this well anointed universe we life in some Blog hosts an aggregation of the best posts that have an Indian relevance.
But first you have to nominate those blog posts that you think make the grade.For the rest you can read the rules

Mohit said...

About a card game called 29

Nilu said...

since when have you guys screwed up the idea of the mela on the weekend?

why Monday? - Amit did it as an exception - not a rule. Please get beack to the ide of a weekend mela - monday morning mela makes no sense

Rushi said...

can i nominate you?????????
huh? please?

Akshay said...

nilu - Don't shoot the messanger. I don't know why they're not hosting it on the weekends, I just follow the scheduled ok. If you want nominate some one please do. If you want things changed you could comment on the Mela website.

rushi - sure you can.

Ram said...

Nilu & Everyone else,

I was travelling during the weekend and hence could not write one then. Could mine be treated as an exception as well since it was announced well in advance?

Also, the time to the next mela is reduced if the current one gets delayed, which translates to that much lesser time for people to contribute to the next mela. Note that over the past two months, a number of melas have been delayed.

From a neutral perspective, having hosted one, contributed and read many melas, I feel that the host needs much more time than a reader or a contributer does. So, I think it would not be so bad to open the mela on a Monday morning. Any thoughts, anyone?


Vulturo said...

Here's my two cents on this:
As per the official Mela Schedule at Shanti's - all melas carry a Thursday date.

But, In practice, I've observed over the past one year that Melas are to go up on Friday evening as per the announcement/nomination call at the Mela host's website. Effectively however, half the mela hosts manage to stick to the Friday evening deadline, while most of the rest stretch it to Saturday, the balance on Sunday. Only in very rare cases, the mela has been stretched till Monday/Tuesday

Also, regarding nominations, I've observed that the dates for the nominations are all posts written between the preceding Friday and Thursday midnight. With respect to the Melas I've hosted, I've adhered to these presumed guidelines.

For example, In the current scenario, with respect to Akshay's mela:
- Declared on Shanti's for Thursday, September 29th Today
- As per the previous trends/norms, Akshay should have declared it for Friday 30th September
- As per the previous trends/norms, Akshay should have accepted nominations between: Friday 23rd September and Thursday 29th September

However, there has been nothing officially proscribed regarding Friday-Thursday Nomination + Next Friday mela business - just an observed longterm trend, and I guess everything is flexible. As long as Melas are regularly happening, there's nothing to worry about.

gawker said...

I nominate Roop on Truth.

aparna said...

Here are some posts that you can have a look at :-)


Ram said...


Thanks for the clarification as a veteran mela host, contributor and reader! I will stick to this guideline next time.. unless there is another exception in the offing ;-)

Even this time, I tried to swap with another host, well in advance, due to my anticipated busy travel weekend, but could find no one.


Sakshi said...

I nominate following post.

Brood Mode said...


gawker said...

I nominate my letter to the hosts of a morning radio talk show in Philadelphia regarding their comment pertaining to India they made on their show.

Srikanth said...


I nominate this post and this. said...

Akshay, I have replied to your comment at


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